Thursday, February 11, 2010

Appreciating the intrinsic ingredient of life -- Water (5)

So, how much water should we drink daily?

Most doctors will recommend 2L (8 glasses) of water.

But, from what I learnt from my teacher,
it's better to go at least 3L (12 glassess).
(-- alot? Sorry! Already discounted..
My teacher wanted me to go 4L :P )

Why the discrepancy in the advice of water intake?

The recommendation of 2L of water isn't wrong.
It's recommended based on the finding
that most people lose 2L water daily.
Hence 2L need to be replenished.

But there are ppl who lose more than 2L of water every day
depending on their lifestyle, work and physical background.
Hence 3L is recommended to ensure
everyone is full hydrated everyday.

Now, a question may float up:
What if 3L is more than the amount I lose each day?
-- Kidneys (of healthy individuals) can process
15 of litres of plain water every day, without strain.
It's ok to drink more, and let the kidney remove the excess water.
(this way, it's good for flushing the kidneys too).
But if we were to drink less than what we lose,
we will be subject to all the bad consequences of dehydration.

Another FAQ may be:
Will I leach out nutrients from my body when I drink too much water?
-- Everytime we urinate, we leach out some excessive nutrients.
Our kidney (of healthy individuals) will naturally
reabsorb nutrients we need and let go of those in excess.
So there isn't a real concern.
Moreover, the nutrients we get from our daily meals
easily compensate those relatively minute amount of nutrients leached.

One more FAQ could be:
Will I get intoxicated or swelled up if I drink too much water?
-- there is no such thing as water intoxication.
If there is any intoxication, it's the impurities in bad quality water that intoxicates.
Hence, do pay attention to water quality.
When a kidney is functioning properly,
there should not be any swelling (water retention).
If that is the case, it indicates a weak kidney and accumulated toxins in the body.
Exercise and sauna to sweat off the excess water are the remedies,
not cutting down water intake.

for safety purpose,
## Do not drink more than 250mL at one time,
as speedy water intake may cause
sudden surge in hydraulic pressure, causing stress to
heart, kidney and other internal organs.
Heart patients shall not drink >150mL (1/2 glass) at one time,
but the total intake of 3L remains the same.

## Do not drink too much (>1 glass) plain water after heavy sweating,
as it will further dilute the electrolyte concentration in the blood
and may cause ceasure of heart beat (ie death).
To quench thirst after heavy sweating,
add a bit of salt into water or go for isotonic drinks instead.

Continue to drink more water,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Thanks. Ok, continue to drink more water :D

    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year :D


  2. Happy and Propspeous Tiger Year, Crystal :D

  3. Hmm .. Why some pregnant women have swelling of legs/ hands? Most people say it is due to water retention. Is it true?

  4. Most pregnancy swellings are indeed due to accumulation of waste or sodium salt which subsequently contribute to water retention.

    In this case, drinking more water is one remedy.
    More water helps getting rid of waste and sodium waste faster, hence will reduce the swelling ;)


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