Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Train The Trainer 2010

Again, I was at another self improvement intensive workshop,
last week.
This time, it's a program that teaches teachers/trainers
how to teach/train effectively -- Train The Trainer.

In the 5-day workshop, there were so much to learn.

I was grateful to come across
teaching techniques that
accelerate learning and
capture students'/audiences' attention.

According to our coach at TTT, Mr Blair Singer,
in order to accelerate students' learning,
the following 3 factors are important:

1. Teaching environment that stimulates
both right and left brains' functions
(e.g. music, colours, rules)

2. Engaging audiences' full participation
(e.g. questions, discussions, sharing)

3. Acknowledging students' input
(e.g. applause after students' sharing, glorify students' participation)

During the workshop,
we were also guided step by step on
how to cultivate confidence as a trainer,
how to design our own teaching courses,
how to do effective presentation and
how to market our courses.

One precious notion,
Blair mentioned that
to be a good teacher/trainer is
to be a leader who
abides to the code of honour (ie ethics)
offers what the audiences wants to have, what they want to be.

Another impressive teaching from Blair was:
Many are nervous to go on stage because
too much attention was focused on our own selves
rather than the audiences;
while it should have been the opposite.

TTT was an eye opener,
and the rewards reaped from the workshop
are simply invaluable.

Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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