Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to persuade kids to take veggie?

One answer is
to be a SUPERHERO!

I have to admit that
I am a big fan of Spiderman.
When I was working in Adelaide,
I used to wake up early purposely,
just to catch Spidey comic strip on TV
before I go school (oops.. work!)

When Spidey Movie first came out,
I was absolutely excited.
But, guess what, I was even more astonished
when Spidey told kids
to take more veggie and fruits!

Most people probably skipped that "insignificant" line,
but I was amazingly sensitive enough to pick it up.
So, right after the movie,
with great suspicion and anticipation,
I went online to google Tobey Maguire's background.

And BINGO: he was a strict vegetarian for 9 years
when he filmed for Spiderman1!

Straight away,
I mailed out to Vegetarian Society and many friends,
the online article stating Tobey Macguire being a vegetarian
and describing how he worked closely with
his trainer and nutritionist to puff up his muscles with
strict plant-based diet (yes, he avoided even whey powder!).

Soon after that, I also found out that
Christopher Bale (Batman), Chris Evan (Fantastic Four)
and many other celebrities are also vegetarians!

Those are very very good news,
as most kids tend to think that
in order to grow up strong and tough,
meat is one major ingredient..
These 'Superheros' celebrities with good physique
dispel all those misconception
and encourage kids to grow up
with the proper plant-based diet.

During the course of promoting vegetarianism,
I gradually understand that,
while scientific facts and figures
may convince people about
the importance of vegetarian diet,
the image of vegetarian is one big final push
to get people to take the plunge.

Having these Super Veggie Heros around
certainly will compound the strength of
vegetarian movement :)

See how Tobey MaGuire recently
contributed his fame to promote
healthy veg lunches for kids at school.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

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