Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Essence To Become Rich

One of the most enlightening moments
when I was sitting in T. Harv Eker's
Millionaires Mind Intenstive workshop (in Dec 08)
was when he did a simple psychological exercise
with the participants, TWICE.

At the start of the exercise,
he wanted us to list out
all the reasons why we want to be rich.

When all reasons were written down,
he picked some participants for their answers.
Many had the similar answers,
ranging from buying a dream home, dream car,
to spend more time with family, helping charity and the like.

At this point,
Harv purposely showed a dissapointed face,
and criticised that these "small" dreams
were not sufficient to drive us rich...
simply because, he exclaimed,
there is not much value added in other people's lives!

He then asked us to repeat the same exercise.
This time, we had to give much greater reasons
to justify why we deserved to be rich.
i.e. ask how much value are we willing to
add on to other people's lives
to deserve the massive wealth we dreamed to have.
-- he especially emphasized that
the more value to add onto more people,
the more money we will get!

This simple exercise stroke me.
It's such a simple message.
Harv even repeatedly mentioned that in his book
Secret of The Millionaires Mind
but, I didn't really absorb the teaching
until he yelled out loud
"You Need to Add More Value on People to be Rich!"

We always asked a lot of things in life,
but never have we asked
the question Harv provoked,
"Why do we think we should be rich
if we are not serving any purpose to people and to the world?"

Stephen Pierce and Joel Comm
who are two great internet marketers cum multi-millionaires,
also mentioned in 2 separate occassions,
in order to market your products,
one needs to first contribute to the cyber community.

When I heard these similar remarks over and over again
from more successful millionaires,
they triggered a thought in my mind:
Like many other things in this world,
making money is also a zero sum game.

There is always a balanced relationship between
input and output.

There should at least be value input first,
in order to have value output (in form of wealth)

With metta,
Kee Yew

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