Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A humble fruit that heals -- Lemon.

One of the important health tips
that I have learnt during the last few years
I spent with my nutritionist teacher, Ms Sim,
was the use of Lemon!

At first, it didn't quite catch my attention,
altho' almost every single dishes she made
and all detox protocols that she prescribed has got lemon in it!
Ms Sim claimed that, people in this fast-paced era
have poor digestive system and the lemon could help.
-- I just thought it's probably a personal preference.

Much later, a cascade of events led me into
investigating the deep benefits of lemon.

One day, I picked up this line on a TV show
by a Feng Shui master who mentioned that
by the principle of 5-Element (五行),
both "Sour Food" and "Liver"
belong to the same element Wood (木).
Hence sour food could strengthen the liver
(which is the foundation of a healthy body in TCM).

In another occasion, my yoga teacher Mr Jason Lim
advised his students to take 1/2 lemon squash
(diluted in 1 cup of luke warm water)
every morning (before breakfast).
He explained that many yogists do this daily
as a basic means of wellness maintenance.

Also in a seminar, I learnt that lemon is an 'alkalic' food
(despite the apparent acidity)
which can turn our blood pH into the alkaline range,
and this subsequently infers that
lemon could help curb/prevent diseases
(cf acidic blood pH that promotes bacterial/viral/cancer growth)

All these amazing information on lemon triangulates
and made me drill in further on Why Lemon?!

Eventually, I bumped into an online article that
ultimately convinced me about the healing power of lemon.

In this article, the author described that lemon contains
a lot of essential and ready-to-use nutrients/enzymes that the liver needs.
Hence, lemon could support the wellness of the liver which
in turn confers a better immunity and stronger life force.
-- Accodting to the author, it is known that,
any person who has a healthy liver should not suffer
from any illness for longer than 2 weeks (and vice versa).

Now, I dedicatedly take diluted lemon juice every morning.
Along the past 1.5 years of integrating this humble fruit in my life,
my health quality experiences a quantumn leap :)

Don't be afraid of the sourness, give it ago today :D

Well regards,
Kee Yew


  1. Hi Kee Yew,

    Thanks for all the spiritual and health tips.

    The Ananda Marga yoga way is to, upon waking up in the morning, stay in bed lying down face up and kick the legs out (45 degrees) for 8 times, before proceeding to take a glass of plain water or diluted lemon juice added with a bit of salt.

    I normally take only plain water, but even that is terribly effective in detoxifying the body. A friend of mine who used to suffer from serious constipation now has the “honour” of going to toilet every morning after doing that ;)

  2. Hello Flea,

    Yar! Plain water worked nicely for my constipation last time too hahahha..

    With Lemon juice added now, I am enjoying more perks..kekeke..

    Kee Yew

  3. Yup, lemon juice definitely works better. I'm just being plain lazy ;p

    I notice that your display name is pureland2012. Mind to share your opinion about 2012?

  4. I know nothing much about 2012 really..

    I got some idea how messy 2012 is going to be, from my teacher who happened to some psychic friends..

    despite the "messiness", I hope to offer my best well wishes for Earth, Animal and Humanity..
    hence a pureland vision for 2012 :P

    With metta,
    Kee Yew


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