Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 Vital Steps Towards Success

I was in Greg Secker's Forex Trading workshop
last weekend.

Other than the eye-opening techniques
of analysing charts and interpreting signals,
Secker touched base on something more
important in managing financial wellness.

He put a lot of emphasis on translating
knowledge to action, and
realising theory in the practical world.

Secker mentioned, despite many people who
have learnt about forex trading,
very few people practically trade!

This is a problem which is non-exclusive
to forex trading which one may think that
it's the high risk that hold people up
(which is untrue).

In fact, Secker pointed out that
it's more about how people are unwilling to

Hence he suggested 4 vital steps to make changes
in life successfully
-- this is the way this multi-millionaire lives by
and made quantum leaps in his path to success:

1. Set a series of small goals towards our dreams
2. Make plans to achieve the goals with surgical precision
3. Schedule the plan and lock the door behind
(ie no easy U-turn)
4. Get around with the pathwalkers
(mix around with successful players in the specific field)

Also, mentioned in his workshop,
sharing the similar tune with Robert Kiyosaki,
the fact that many people are less well-off financially
is due to the lack of financial education.

Many of us, who are already financially under-educated,
prefer to leave our hard earned money to the
"experts" or "professionals" who protrait images of
being good at money management.

This is the very trap
in the current (messy) financial system,
that most people fell into and inherently
let other people to maneuver (abuse) our money
for their own fortune.

Secker stressed that it's time
we ourselves to be responsible of our own wealth.
To do that, we have to get ourselves
financially educated in the proper way.

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

p/s: Golden phrases from Secker:
Winners are people who focus on how to manage risk;
Losers are people who focus on how much money to make.

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