Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Bliss of Being of Service to People

My volunteering life started when
I first went visit the orphaned old folks residing at
Kreta Ayer studio flat in 2002.
It's a regular activities under the roof
of The Chinese Buddhist Association @ Kreta Ayer.

Before that, I had been tiringly pursueing
the fountain of joy (true joy),
feeling deep the heart that
something wasn't quite fulfilled,
despite the good materialistic life I had.

-- I was almost like depressed for 5 or 6 years
after I graduated form high school.
Frustrated to find out the imperfections
in the world I live in.

I later remember a Chinese phrase implanted subconsciously
since primary school days:
"the root of happiness is to help people"

That very phrases immediately motivated
me to kick start my volunteering life
that now brings so much personal growth and the inner bliss!
(I didn't expect so much, really)

After Kreta Ayer, I was in the Executive Committee of
the Vegetarian Society (,
promoting vegetarianism, and at later time,
joined Kampung Senang (
and Dharma Drum Youth Singapore (
to promote holistic lifestyle and Buddha's teachings.

All throughout these years,
like many volunteering friends of mine,
I gather that the true joy
could be found in the path of volunteerism.

In volunteerism,
one learns the power of gratitude,
one understand the importance of selfless-ness,
one sees the rhythm of how our universe evolves,
hence the bliss emerging from within..

If you are on the path searching for
that very missing piece of
inner bliss..
check out one of these VWO organisations to volunteer with :)



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