Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The China Study: Do Not Eat Meat Until You Read This!

While most people seems understand the phrase:

What You Eat is What You Are

--meaning if one chooses a healthful diet,
one would have a healthy and strong body
and vice versa.

But, very few people truely appreciate,
simply, how a plant-based diet links to good health
actually, how meat brings disasters (sometimes irreversible!)
to our body.

Many a time, under-informed friends of mine,
would ask for the evidences for the above statements.

I usually refer them to
one of the best nutrition books in modern time:

The China Study by Prof Colin Campbell

This is also the book, I routinely quote in my vegetarian seminars;
telling my audiences how too much meat protein could turn on
oncogenes (cancer causing genes) and how milk actually is a devil
instead of the much-portraited calcium-supplementing angel image!

Everyone seriously should have a copy of this book at home,
if one ever serious take good nutrition to their hearts.


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