Sunday, June 28, 2009

Advice from 9 Millionaires

Over the weekend,
I was at T. Harv Eker's "Never Work Again" workshop.

One of the highlight during this enriching, inspiring and eye-opening event
was a forum session T. Harv Eker interviewing
8 other multi-millionaires!

Among these millionaires were:
Keith Cunningham, Saen Higgins, Larry West,
Phil Town, Courtney Smith, Tom Hua etc...

Here are some notes to share from the very intriguing session:

Millionaires' precious lessons learnt when they faced their biggest challenges in life:
- do not give up
- be persistent
- follow the rules (ie be disciplined)
- follow own core value
- do your own research before investing
- be humble
- do not invest unless you are sure or are guided by gurus

The most important values that millionaires treasure:
- integrity
- to give and to help people
- dharma
- empathy
- do it for your loved ones not for yourself

1-liners that 9 mulit-Millionaires want us to always remember:
- to do what you say you will do
- to find your passion and to follow it
- to be yourself
- to be truthful
- to execute an imperfect plan violently (passionately) rather than to execute a perfect plan poorly
- never give up x3
- how on Earth, to be the man or woman you could be
- solve problems for other people

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