Monday, June 29, 2009

How psychological wellness influences bodily wellness?

Once, I was at this wellness seminar given by
a reknowned transplant surgeon,
Dr Radha Gopalan.

He was mentioning in his talk that,
he could segregate the type of transplant patients
according to their behaviour and mindset.

In order words, he claimed that
in many of his transplantation cases,
psychological health of his patients
plays a vital role in inducing the failures
of their organs.

He found that the strong correlations below:

Heart Transplant Patients:
have problem dealing with negative emotions
e.g. love, anger and fear

Kidney Transplant Patients:
behave like children, are too dependent and
are lack of the sense of responsibility

Liver Transplant Patients:
have problem with 'problem solving'

Bone Marrow Transplant and Cancer Patients:
have the sense of self-worthlessness
(likely lack of love in childhood,
with sense of abandoned)

Mind and Body do connects.
Those are the proofs,
as illustrated by real experience of a transplant surgeon.

Well wishes,

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