Monday, June 1, 2009

Knowing What Holistic Wellness Means

People nowadays are getting more and more health conscious.

While this is a good phenomenon,
it actually takes a lot little more than just exercise and low-fat-low-salt diet,
to learn the true meaning of health.

A simple reason being, bodily health is just small piece of
a bigger jigsaw puzzle of integrated wellness or holistic wellness.

Owing to the interconnectedness among
all living and 'dead' things on Earth,
true health doesn't just come by easily,
without the integration of
the tangibles and intangibles,
the self and non-self,
the physical and the soul,
the centre and the peripherals...

To learn about true health or holistic wellness
in broad perspectives and in significant depth,
participate in the upcoming Holistic Wellness Symposium 2009 @ Singapore.

Well wishes!


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