Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just how do you resist that craving for coffee? (5)

Humble lemon can save people
from coffee intoxication
Curing craving for coffee
is long a process,
especially when  it is
coffee-holic's relatively low life force to start with.

Before one's life force foundation is revived,
one can try the following temporary quick fixes
which in principle recommend alternatives
that boost one's energy level and alertness =)

This is very suitable for people
who truly want to quit coffee
but haven't yet the foundation of life force.

Strategy B:
Quick energy boost

(i) Lemon-Molasses Drink (click on link for recipe)  
    which contains citric acid and minerals
    that stimulate the metabolism of liver.

    Liver is an major organ that store and control blood flows.
    When fed with citric acid (liver's favourite food)
    and minerals (from molasses),
    our liver will increase blood circulation volume,
    giving a temporary boost of energy and alertness.

    Sour juices like orange juice, pineapples will
    have similar effect ^^

(ii) Cold pressed oils
     which provided a decent amount of
     short chain saturated fats (SCSF)
     to increase the metabolism of liver.
     Same drill, SCSF which is easily combustible fuel
     is another favourite food of the liver.
     Given the nourishment,
     we will also experience a temporary boost
     of vitality and alertness

      Any type of first cold pressed oil will work
      as SCSF always appear exclusively
      in first cold pressed oils.

      Some examples are
      cold pressed olive oil,
      cold pressed coconut oil,
      cold pressed grapeseed oil etc

Some people who are determined to quit coffee
may mistakenly tempted into
eating high sugar, high proteins, (bad) fatty/oily foods
to also temporarily boost alertness.

But the side effects of taking those macronutrients
as a temporary boost of energy
can be harmful in long term,
as we all already know,
excess of macronutrients cause body acidity
and eventually all kind of degenerative diseases!

Next, we will look into one more strategy
to resolve coffee craving problem.
This will be a strategy for those
who drink coffee for
the aroma, fragrance and gastronomical indulgement =)

Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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