Friday, August 2, 2013

Slimming Down The Vegan Way 瘦身有素

Recently, I was invited by Channel 8, Singapore
to participate in a talk show "Ladies' Nite".

It was quite a surprise,
by just a random search online,
they bumped into The Veg School's website
and thought The Veg School would be a good candidate
to offer dietetic advice for healthy slimming!

I couldn't be happier
as it was a great opportunity
to subtly propagate organic and wholesome vegan concept! :D

I embed below the entire show I appeared on 29 July 2013
for your reference.

For the benefits of those who can't understand Mandarin
the core of the slimming advice is as below:

To slim down, there are two aspects to observe:

(1) Reduction of calorie intake
This means taking a balanced diet
with overall calorie intake of around 1500~2000cal

A lot of people, when they think of low calorie diet,
they will go for low carb, low fat vegetable based diet.
That is very imbalanced and hence not very sustainable.

The trick is to follow the following rules,
but adjust the portions to fit into 1500-2000cal range intake.
40% Whole Grain
30% Vegetables
15% Fruits
10% Legumes
5% Nuts and Seeds

For more info on a balanced diet,

(2) Increase of metabolism

This can be done by doing adequate exercise
to sweat light everyday;
say 15-25min rebounding on a trampoline.

From nutrition perspective,
metabolism can be lifted via wholesome foods
with the following 4 properties:

a. high in minerals 
~ minerals is a life force element, that brings vitality,
hence higher metabolic rate.

b. cold pressed oils
~ cold pressed oil activate the liver
to function at a higher metabolic rate
and cold pressed oil can also
be converted into hormones that burns fats.

c. fibre
~ fibre will control the rate of nutrients/calorie release
into the blood stream, preventing glycemic shock
that lead to fat formation more easily;
also, fibre fills the stomach faster,
hence reducing the chance of calorie overdosing.

d. enzyme
~ enzyme helps the body reduce burden during digestion
conserving more energy for
doing more calorie burning work,
motivating one to do more exercise.

Hope this posting is of some benefits to you!

Enjoy the show ^^

Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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