Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just how do you resist that craving for coffee? (3)

Weaning off or reducing coffee intake
isn't an easy thing indeed.

But with in-depth analysis of the properties of
a coffee drink will help one to better juggle
in between temporary sensual satisfaction
and long term health detrimental effects...

Here, we take a look at coffee
from even a more holistic view,
putting the economy in consideration.

Perspective 3:
Coffee as a trading commodity

Coffee nowadays is no longer just an edible seed,
but also a kind of highly demanded commodity
that help people make money through trading activities.

The world trade coffee
just like how precious metals, oils and gas are traded.

But the problem is
coffee being a perishable agricultural produce
is susceptible to attacks by mould, insects and other small animals
and cannot be stored permanently like metals, oils and gas.

In order to ensure that this "live" commodity
could be shuffled around without losses during trading
or stored in warehouses without deterioration,
fumigation, pesticides and preservatives are heavily used
to lengthen their lifespan.

In other words,
because coffee is a popular produce in commercial trading,
it has become one of the most toxic produce in the world.

Bearing those toxins and additives in mind,
even though coffee has many healing properties,
we know, logically,
it's not recommendable to ingest on a faithfully daily basis.

The tremendous amount of toxins applied on coffee beans
simply outweigh any natural benefit.

Moreover, coffee is also one of the most
unfairly traded produce.

Coffee although is a lucrative market,
coffee farmers who put in the most effort,
reap the least share of the profit
and often have to bear with the price instability.

During bad weathers,
coffee farmers suffer loss in harvest;
during good time,
over-production leads to falling of coffee price
and loss in revenue for the coffee farmer.

But coffee traders will always
make big bucks, be it good time or bad time...

So, coffee is toxic, coffee is demineralising, coffee is unfair....
but how do we cut down on the consumption?

Next, we will talk about some tricks
to help a coffee-holic slowly wake up from
the coffee spell *.*

Tune in!

Well regards,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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