Monday, July 29, 2013

Building A Sweet Home With Soaps

Sweet Home Soap Social Entreprise
Petaling Jaya SS2, Malaysia 
I was leading a Holistic Living Meetup event in PJ/KL
last Friday evening
by inviting some 14 charitable souls
to attend a soap making workshop.

This soap making workshop
is not only just a back-to-kindy type of
therapeutic sessions for the adults,
but also a heart-warming sessions
to contribute to Sweet Home Soap Social Entreprise
in their course of fund raising
to build a self-sustaining Home for the mentally disabled children :)

The event started in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere,
with detailed instructions
by one of the Sweet Home Soap's Founder, Ms Teng.

We started by measuring 150g of soap base
and subject to melting in hot water bath.

Soon, participants were mixing in
natural colourings,
almond oils (moiturising purpose) and
essential oils (for therapeutic purposes),
before pouring into cutie assorted molds that
brought us back to childhood!

This love shape soap is
naturally pigmented and enriched
by a type of mineral powder
that gives it not only a charming feel
but also nourishing properties ^^

Ms Teng shared more on the benefits of natural soaps
while we are waiting for soaps to set in their molds.

According to Ms Teng,
Natural soaps contain very precious and moisturising glycerol
which is usually removed from commercial soaps
to make into expensive skincare products.

Making own soap, not only gives us a peace of mind
but also ensures the natural goodness are not tempered with ^^

This piggy-in-the-bathtub soap
is made with lemongrass essential oils
which is later given as a gift to my mum
(her zodiac sign is pig in case you ask! :P)

These few soaps are made of tea tree oil
and mineral powder,
now in my bathroom at home :B

The soap making session
altogether took some 2.5hours
from melting of soap base, to ingredients mixing,
to molding, to packing..

During the workshop,
there was laughter, new knowledge, relaxation
and most importantly,
that we all did our parts to support Ms Teng's dream
to take care of the unfortunate kids.

Ms Teng is also a mum of a mentally disabled child,
and she told us that one of the biggest worries in her life
(like all other disabled kids' mothers)
is what would happen to her child when she is not around one day.

The only answer to her concern is to spend her next 10years
to raise funds by selling natural soaps and conducting soap-making workshops
in order to build a "Sweet Home"
where mentally disabled children like hers could be entrusted to
when one day she leaves the world...
(I nearly sobbed when she said that)

That evening, I was seriously touched
by the deep motherly love
and I hope I could create another opportunity to
support her Sweet Home Project
so that she could release her burden sooner... :)

Warm regards,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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