Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just how do you resist that craving for coffee? (6)

Roasted Barley as
Coffee Substitute
There is definitely a cure for coffee "addiction",
as the root has been identified,
and the methods have been pin-pointed ^^

However, there exists a group of
coffee lovers out there
who drink coffee
as a means of enjoyment/indulgent/relaxation...

For these group of coffee lovers,
in order to reduce the harm of coffee,
as suggested in earlier posts,
it's good to take coffee once every week or every fortnight.
And, the coffee must be organic! :P

For these coffee lovers who
don't rely on caffeine to perk up their everyday life,
the following strategy is recommended :)

Strategy C:
Cheat yourself!

Yes! Cheat yourself with
coffee substitutes!!

There are a lot of
fantastic and healthy "mock" coffee out there
which mimics quite well the taste, the texture, the acidity, the aroma
of coffee, such as:

i. Roasted Barley Grains
ii. Roasted Cassia Seeds (决明子)
iii. Roasted Chicory Roots
iv. Roasted Dandeloin Roots
... and many many caffeine-free herbal formula.

Here, I introduce to you an great recipe
of coffee substitute
invented by a good friend of mine, Jennee
-- which is very healthy, nourishing, satisfying, aromatic, thick body, low acidity......

Healthy Coffee Substitute Recipe

Nourishing Ingredients:
1 tbs Roasted Barley Powder (to mimic the fragrance/aroma of coffee)
2 tbs Walnut Powder (to give the drink some thickness and satiety)
2 tbs Amaranth Powder (as creamer, to give more creaminess)
1 tsp (or to taste)  Agave nectar (as sweetener, optional)
250mL boiling hot water

Stir all in and brew until the essence is out. Sieve and serve fresh and hot!

-- The original recipe taught by Jennee 
used instant powders of roasted barley, walnut and amaranth, 
so there was no need to do sieving and to add sweetener 
as the instant amaranth and walnut powders were already lightly sweetened. 
If you can't access to these exotic instant powders at your local organic mart, 
doing it in a traditional way suggested above could be fun too :)

-- also, try add small amount (1/2 tsp) of molasses, 
that will also the enhance the mocking of coffee aroma!

Hope this series of posts on coffee
is of some help to readers
who would like to bring their health to a higher level
as these write-ups pointed out
the balanced way of herbal administration,
the inconvenient truth behind coffee and
the root cause of coffee cravings
as well as the respective natural "remedies" ^^

Many blessings!
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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