Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A simple recipe to restore gut health

Purple Dream
-- gut friendly smoothie
Very often,
we hear complaints about
gastro-intestinal problems
from stomach upset, stomach flu,
to heartburn, indigestion,
to loose stools, constipation etc...

These conditions actually
could be healed naturally
without medication sometimes.

Simple foods like
. pineapples (for indigestion),
. white radish (for constipation)
. chamomile (for bloatedness)
. cabbage (for gastric ulcer)
do the healing for us naturally
without the side-effects of drugs :)

Here, I would like to share
one simple yet delightful recipe
for friends with poor GI tract.
It's a recipe taught by a friend, Mei Er,
with whom I recently did "food research" together ^^

Purple Dream Smoothie
Purple/Red Cabbage     --  2 medium leaves
Ripen Banana        --  120g
Cold filtered water --  200mL

-- Blend the above ingredients, and serve fresh ^^

Cabbage is a superfood
which is high in glutamine
-- an amino acid which promote the repair
of gatro-instestinal track lining.
With that,
cabbage juice is capable of healing gastric ulcers.

Cabbage, like other Brassicas (e.g. brocolli, cauliflowers),
also contains organosulfurs
which could be converted in our body
into anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-cancer metabolites.
Hence, regular intake of cabbage juice or cabbage soup
will improve the general wellbeing of our gut :)

Hope you enjoy this colourful health drink!!

Toast to good health,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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