Saturday, July 24, 2010

The true life force behind Biogenic Cuisine

Biogenic Dinner in preparation
Exactly a week ago,
I held my very first premium Biogenic Workshop

That was one very significant event to myself,
as I feel,
that was a rare and precious opportunity,
to pass on the true essence of what I have learnt in the past 8 years.

I also consider that as a fulfillment
of my promise to Ms Sim years ago,
to pass on her concept of biogenic living.
Hence, I pay the utmost tribute to Ms Sim for being
the true driving (life-)force of this successful Biogenic Extravaganza!!

In the Biogenic Workshop held successfully on 17 July 2010,
I had a very quality discussion and theoretical teaching session
with the students, before we started to do the hands-on (ie food preparation).
This was usually not doable with a typical 2-3hr cooking demo session.
-- the cooking extravaganza lasted 6 solid hours!

In the theoretical session,
a lot of health food topics were discussed.
Notably, we elaborated on the meaning of "Biogenic".

According to the doctrine of Biogenic Diet,
food could be divided into 4 categories:

1st category is Biogenic Food [also life generating food]
-- defined as food which are organic, raw and actively growing
-- this is food that generates life-force and provide us with vital nutrients
e.g. organic sprouts with actively growing cells and
      organic miso with actively dividing good bacteria

2nd category is Bioactive Food [also life giving food]
-- defined as food which are organic and raw
-- this is food that provides good nutrients but less life-force
e.g. raw organic celery and raw organic apple

3rd category is Biostatic Food [also life slowing food]
-- defined as food which are either cooked or non-organic
-- this is food that provides only nutrients but no life-force
e.g. cooked organic corn and raw non-organic beetroot

4th category is Bioacidic Food [also life decaying food]
-- defined as food which are processed, fried, artificially synthesized or refined
-- this is food that deprives us of our life-force,
   provide little nutrients and a lot of toxins, causing our blood turn acidic
e.g. canned food, synthetic vinegar, fried potato chips

Ideally, we should be only taking Biogenic Food,
which is the best food.

However, with constraints of modern living,
we could sacrifice a portion of Biogenic Food
for Bioactive food and a little Biostatic Food.
Bioacidic food should be avoided by all cost.

Incidentally, by looking at the proportion of
each of the food category one takes in everyday,
it's not hard to relate to the vitality of a person
or even to reason why a person fall sick easily.

After the theory session,
students were involved hands-on
in preparing the 10 biogenic dishes with upclose guidance.
To name a few:
Biogenic Spinach Soup, Vegan-sour cream mushroom (POPULAR!),
pumpkin pickle, Bioactivated Beetroot Rice etc..

At the end, students were invited to sit in together
to enjoy the fruits of their labour
in a classy dining ambience, just like what the video below depicts =)

Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Kee yew, is the food prepared all raw?

  2. Hi Guazi,

    Yes, in Biogenic Cuisine Workshop, 10 dishes are taught. Only one is cooked, the other 9 are raw :)

    I am repeating the same workshop due to popular demand in Nov. Can check out the schedule here (, and remember to register with Onaka early oh :D

    Kee Yew


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