Thursday, July 15, 2010

How real are food nowadays...

Last weekend,
I was at Organic Living meetup
at Real Food Cafe @ Central.

The cafe was a cozy cafe with homely ambience
that serves good quality organic food!

And, a dozen of us, the organic goers,
had a good chat about what really are
Real Food.

Human beings nowadays have led lives
where indulgence and money come the foremost,
to the extent that,
even food can be compromised.
-- I mean, the real value or the intrinsic quality of food.

There are so many TV shows these days
that glorify the taste and creativity of food
which is just the surface.

That's exactly how we live our lives in this era:
we put so much emphasis on
appearance and sensual stimulation
that we forgot about the core or the original intention.

Real food is meant for sustaining lives
and maintain a healthy body.
However, when civilisation evolves,
people consciously and subcousciously sacrifice
the real meaning of food,
under the name of taste, art, cost and convenience...

In many food preparation out there,
in order to make food taste tantalising,
sugars, salts, fats, artificial flavours etc are abused
like they should.

To pursue artistic display and crafting of 'beautiful' food,
incompatible ingredients are blindly mixed,
nutritional parts are discarded during processing,
and some foods are even served in unsafe ways.

In order to maximize profits and minimize effort,
the modern agriculture utilises
harmful hormones, toxic pesticides, artificial fertilizers
and many "funny" chemicals...

Foods today are
foods with just the form
but without the soul.
These 'frankeinstein' foods
are not only deprived of life force, nutrients and natural taste
they are also foods without sincerity.

Like I mentioned in my recent class, Vegetarian Healing,
we have been, in the past few decades eating lot of soul-less foods
no wonder we are all sick (be it cancer, diabetes, cardio-diseases etc..)

we should wake up from the illusion that
we think have abundance of food.

We are actually eating matters
that look like food,
that fill our stomach;
but provide toxins,
deprive life force and
give little nourishment.

There is no better time to go real,
start organic today!

Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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