Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Healing Power of Juices (2)

Another amazing juice story happened
on a 9-year-old mentally retarded girl.

The retarded girl's mum was one of Ms Sim's detox clients.

Out of good will, as always,
Ms Sim advised that the mum to feed her girl
with 6 glasses of juices too,
for the benefit of the girl's overall well being.

The mum tried to heed Ms Sim's advice but
eventually only fed  her girl with 2 glasses of fresh juices daily.

Then, something happened...

One fine day, the girl suddenly dissappeared from the house.
For her entire life, the retarded girl had never left her home
without the company of her family members.
Simply, she could never recognise her way home.
She had to hang a name tag with home address whenever she went out.

Her family was obviously worried,
and did everything they could to search for her.
But just before they could lodge a police report,
the retarded girl came home with some candies in her hands
by her own goodself!

Apparently, they girl went off to nearby grocery shop
to buy candy and found her way home all by herself,
for the 1st time in her life!

Her mum could only claim the only difference she did to her
was the 2 glasses of fresh juices daily over two months =)

Fresh juices are everywhere,
why not grab a glass today? :D

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

Juice recipe of the Day
ACE Juice
~~ This juice is creamy and tastes better than carrot milk! (what's more, it's vegan!)
Why organic carrot? because it's sweeter and has higher beta-carotene content.

Blend 350mL of organic carrot juice with 1/2 fully-ripen avocado pulp. Serve chilled.

Benefits: High in Vit A, Vit E and good fats, good for liver, skin, eyes and brain ;)


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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