Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Healing Power of Juices (3)

Now that we have heard stories about the magic of fresh juices,
but what make it magical?

There is nothing magical about fresh juices really.
The healing power of juices actually comes from the high content
of phytonutrients (i.e. plant-specific nutrients) which
confer some antioxidant and detoxification effects.

Vitamin C which is a well known antioxidant,
when taken in high dosage (e.g. via 2-6 glasses of juice),
confers protective benefits against
free radicals in our body (due to stress and pollution).

The red pigment (also a kind of phytonutrients) of the dragon fruits
can diffuse into our blood stream,
pick up toxins and get rid them out via the urine.
-- plant pigments are usually sticky, hence they have affinity to "dirts" in our blood.

When our body experiences reduced load of free radicals and toxins,
the body systems will automatically repair themselves
and hence will improve the functionality of our organs, from eye to brain to skin to liver etc...

In order to achieve the detoxification/healing effect,
it's important that our body is fed with high level of the phytonutrients.
This is why eating fruits alone may not match the effect of drinking juices.
-- Fruit fibres restricts the amount of servings of fruits taken at a time,
hence the amount of phytonutrients intake.
Whereas juice without the fibre can be drunk in large quantity at any time,
and escalate the level of phytonutrients intake.

The healing power is directly proportional to the phytonutrients content.
Now we understand why Ms Sim wants people to drink 6 glasses of juices a day
(to make the equivalent of 18 servings of fruits a day easier!).

Have a juicy day,
Kee Yew


Juice recipe of the day
Detox Punch
~~ a detoxifying juice that taste like 'alcoholic' softdrink ;)  -- also taste a bit bitter and 'spicy', but tantalising!

Mix 250mL of ruby grapefruit juice with 25mL of raw white radish juice. Serve chilled.

Benefits: detoxifies the liver and cleanses the colon. It gets rid of parasites in the gut too, but the white radish juice portion needs to be increased for better efficiency ;)


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