Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Putting Vegetarian Theories into Practice

As I have been teaching vegetarian classes
for quite a few years now,
I noticed that large number of people
seldom put the theories that they have learnt in lectures
into real life.
For example,
a typical advice of refraining from fried foods
often remains an advice and
people usually will just go ahead having fried stuff
whenever they feel like it.
-- not that they do not know how bad fried foods are,
but knowing and putting the knowledge into practice
can be very different.

In 2009, when invited by Cixin
to teach at Awareness Place Wellbeing Centre,
I wanted a break through.
I wished that my students
would deeply impart the knowledge into their lives
and practically get benefited.

Then, I designed a 9-lesson Vegetarian Wellness Course
that comprehensively delivered the A-Z of healthy vegetarian diet,
cooking skills, detoxification, organic tour and the philosophies of vegetarianism.

To ensure that the theories were put into real life practice,
I assigned 3 group-projects to the students.

In these 3 projects, students were tasked
to do literature reviews on 3 separate topics:
Healthy Oil, Healthy Diet and Healthy Water.

At the end of the projects,
other than writing up on their findings,
students also had to survey and rank
different brands of edible oils, brown rice sets or water filter systems
that are available in the market.
That was to ensure the in-depth appreciation of the theories learnt in class
and to translate theories into practical benefits for themselves and broad public.

When they submitted their reports eventually,
I was very impressed and touched.

The reports revealed that
the students truly had very good understanding of the topics
and did reaped a lot of practical benefits from the exercise.
(I myself learnt so much from the reports too!)

I can't help praising my VWC students for their admirable effort.
Now, you can see for yourself the amazing work they have done
as their enriching reports are now available online =)
Check them out!

Well regards,
Kee Yew

p/s: The survey portion of the reports may not be comprehensive and professional (due to many limitations), but do focus on the principles they based on to assess the different brands :)

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


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