Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to order Silver Bullion Bars from Perth Mint

A few friends have been asking how to order
999 Silver Bullion Bars from Perth Mint,
worrying the procedure may be a bit too complicated.

Here, I would like to share my experience for easy reference =)
Basically, it took me only 2hours to settle :P
-- presuming funds are already in the bank and the total sum of order is < AUD5000.

- Please note that this capital gain investment for Silver Bullion Bar is for 2-3yr term investment.
-Liquidity is moderate. If higher liquidity needed, then go for Gold Bullion Bars.

The procedure is:

1. Call Perth Mint @ +618 9421 7428
between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (Perth Business Days)
and ask for a quote. [Calling is a must]

2. Perth Mint will email you the quote right after the call, and
you will need to fill in the agreement and fax back to Perth Mint within 1 day.

3. TT transfer the sum quoted at your favourite agent/bank within 2 days and
email Perth Mint to confirm TT.

4. Wait for the bars to come in 2 weeks =)

** There are extra charges that you need to add on when budgeting your investment:

- Postage @ AUD1/oz
- 1% Insurance (of Silver Bar) + 1% Postage
- Bank TT fee (SGD20~40)
- 7% GST (in SGD)
- FEDEX handling fee (~SGD20)

Happy Investing ;)
Kee Yew

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