Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ask and we shall get!

I was attending a webminar conducted by
a billionaire Keith Cunningham last night;
and was grateful to pick up
an important principle of successful life (and biz)
within just the 1hr 15min talk.

Cunningham was absolutely inspiring in his talk.
He pointed out that one of the biggest reasons why
people fail in their biz (life?) is that they
are too passionate about their own ideas,
forgot to ask what the clients really want.

He quoted an example that
Sony actually first started out her biz
with her much-loved electrical rice cooker.
This very first product failed Sony miserably,
as the public did not think it's attractive
with many rice cookers basically lying around everywhere.

In contrast of Sony's failure with their first attempt,
Cunningham told another story about
a famous chocholate company (forgot what's the name :P)
whose initial passion was actually caramel!
This company went around and asked people
if they would like a shop that sells caramel.
The feedback was that caramel was not appealing,
BUT, if they would be crazy if the shop sells all chocholates!!!
The choc company did as the feedback told, despite their passion in caramel.
And you bet the company got good business selling
not what the company had in mind initially,
but a product that the outer world truly need/demand.

After listening to the two real stories,
I kind of sat back and reflected:
how many times in life, we do things we think people'd like just because we like;
and not things that people actually spell out they really want.
A lot of failures, according to Cunningham, in fact arise from
our habit of not asking what people need (due to ego-centricity?).

If we do ask, and serve people what they need,
we shall get the adequate return for servicing people with the right thing...

-- Ask and we shall get !

Listening to Cunningham, I believe that
it does take much wisdom for one to become successful in biz/life.
Don't you agree? =)

Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Haha, He is really a good coach. Wat else you learn from him??

  2. yayar.. learnt a lot!
    He reminded us that we must be
    courageous, "get off your butt" and "break a sweat" in order to achieve our goals =)

    can email u some notes if you want ;)


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