Friday, November 20, 2015

Healthy Quickie Breaky (1)

Brown Rice Milk which is
filled with life force, done in 2min!
During the course of my sharing sessions
with students at The Veg School,
I often notice that urban people nowadays
have high tendency resorting to
powder-based / packet-drink breakfast,
due to the lack of time or
the misconception of a healthy breaky has to be elaborated and laborious.

A student recently texted me for a reliable brand of brown rice milk,
and my first response was to recommend the brand "Home-made" ^.^

Preparing for a wholesome breakfast can be easy, quick and clean, like the recipe below :P

Home-made brand Brown Rice Milk

.200g Pre-cooked rice*
.800mL Boiling hot water**
.2Tbs Lightly roasted sesame
.50g Molasses Powder (or adjust to taste)

-- blend all ingredients above for 2min until smooth in a blender and serve warm

* Pre-cooked rice can be prepared the night before in a Thermal Cooker, or precooked in a mini rice cooker. Do not remove cooked rice from rice cooker, to avoid contamination. With the lid on, switch off the power after the rice is cooked and let the rice sit in the rice cooker overnight.

** Switch on kettle to boil 1L water immediately upon wake up, it will be done after you finish brushing teeth :B

The healthy brown rice milk above won't take more than 5min to prepare. --Don't count in your teeth brushing time, because you are multi-tasking, no time lost :D

For more healthy easy breakfast tips, tune in tomorrow again, for another 2min healthy breaky *.*

Many blessings,
Kee Yew
#brown rice milk
{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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