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The Yin and Yang of Food (5)

The Sun and The Moon
have equal shares for the year,
but not for a specific hour. 
we indicated, in ideal situation, 
we would like equal strength of 
Yin and Yang food.

While, indeed,
the world is a balanced outcome of 
the Yin and Yang equilibrium;
the distribution of Yin and Yang elements 
dynamically fluctuates spatially and temporally.

In other words,
given a broad enough space and a long enough time frame;
the net effect 
between both counterbalancing Yin and Yang forces
is indeed zero.
the Yin or Yang status sampled at any given spot and moment
is not balanced.

For example,
The North and The South hemisphere 
get the equal total amount of sunshine every year.
But in July,
a northern city like Beijing will get a lot more sunshine
than a southern city like Sydney.
Yang and Yin may not be equal
given any random spot.


During mid Autumn day,
the number of sunshine hours 
is equal to the number of nightshade hours. 
But at a specific time e.g. 11am-1pm,
one will only see the Sun (Yang)
but not the Moon (Yin) at all.
The Sun and The Moon may not get a fair share of time 
given any random hour.

The above examples tell us that
at a random place during a random time
we may not expect a Yin and Yang balance.

Because of that,
we need to have awareness on where and when we are
to assess which of Yin or Yang element predominates,
so as to shed guidance 
on the proportion of Yin or Yang food that we eat.

The presence of the Sun (abundance of heat/life force),
offers our body an opportunity 
to aggregate energies for Life Force Building

The absence of the Sun (lack of heat/life force)
offers our body an opportunity 
to expulse energies for Interference Elimination.

In the  morning,
when the Sun has only just risen,
the environment is still very lack of heat
due to the night long absence of the Sun.
Our body then is under an extremely Yin condition 
after a night long detox.

While some healers suggest
taking the opportunity to extend the detoxification hours,
via detoxifying foods (Yin foods) 
such as juices, green smoothies and huge amount of water (>1L) 
to heighten the intensity of detoxification;
it's only advisable to do so for a short period of time
to achieve a cleansing effect, 
perhaps to adjust an overly congested system. 

Pro-longed period of Yin food consumption 
in the morning when the body is already very Yin, 
will tilt the bodily system off the balance.
Hence, it's suggested to take 
warm and grains/roots-based breakfast (Yang food)
to counterbalance the Yin body in the morning.

The corresponding notion applies for dinner time.
After long day of sunshine and hard work, 
our body will have overloaded with heat.
To help release the excessive Yang energies, 
it's advisable 
to consume higher proportion of Yin food (e.g. leafy veggies, fruits) and
to drink more water in the evening.
Releasing excessive Yang energies accumulated during the day,
will also help one sleep earlier and better.

For some people who are weak/sick,
healers may not allow Yin food for the end of the day, 
that is because these people 
could not conserve enough heat and energy during the day.
Prescribing a Yin-inclined dinner
may not sustain them through the Yin hours during the night,
causing severe imbalance.
-- Again, this is a context dependent case. 

In conclusion, 
although we will have equal proportions of Yin and Yang foods daily,
because of the oscillating Yin and Yang hours everyday,
we couldn't help but to segregate 
higher proportion Yang food for the morning,
higher proportion Yin food for the evening.

Hope this series so far has benefited readers
in appreciating the basic concepts of Yin and Yang.

To close this series on Yin and Yang of Food,
a gentle reminder for readers:
Be aware of the space and time we are in,
Be mindful about the rhythm of the universe and our body
Be disciplined with the corresponding ratios of Yin and Yang food that we eat.

May the forces be with you!
Kee Yew :D 
#Yin Yang

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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