Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning about the hidden truth of the current economy

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In May 2009,
I attended the 4 day workshop by
Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad team
on how manage our own financial health
without the intervention by agents and brokers.

That was my very first time,
I got to know Mike Maloney,
one of Kiyosaki's associates,
who gave a very in depth analysis on
the current economy and
how physical gold and silver have become
the essential financial equipment
to cushion the already deteriorating economy.

I bought my first batch of silver coin
on the 3rd day of the workshop,
and subsequently another batch order of silver coins
from Perth Mint (after some discussion with a few financially well-informed friends)
and also my first piece of gold coin in Malaysia
when I thawed my other investment
around the same time.

Ever since I kicked started my golden and silver path,
I have been continuously following
Mike Maloney's educational videos and reports
as well as other articles to reassure my "new venture" into gold and silver.
and to reinforce my learning about the hidden truth of the current economy.

In contrast to most people think,
gold and silver are not truly an investment,
as it doesn't really give dividents or cashflow.
It's merely a "parking lot" to park our wealth during this financial crisis
which is stepping up day by day.

While I am still at my infancy stage in learning financial wellness,
after two years of multi-session and intensive practice of
financial knowledge that I have learnt from Kiyosaki, Maloney, Harris Dent, T. Harv Eker etc,
I am beginning to have a clearer picture the rough mechanism
how we the middle class or the grass roots
are being enslaved/illusified/deceived/intimidated
by financers, financial institutions and even governements.

This 90min video, below, by Mike Maloney is one of the most
comprehensive recapitulation of many things that he taught
in his past workshops, books, reports, newsletters and interviews.
-- especially helpful for those who are bound by hectic life and
don't have time to read Maloney's book.

Mike Maloney is a sincere financial educator,
even my old classmate who hold a high position in a bank's investment wing agrees:



Whether to invest, or not to invest; gold, silver or shares or real estate etc,
all that I wish is that at least my friends around are well informed about
the economic environment (mess) we are dwelling in.

Ultimately it's not gold or silver that cushion us from the bumpy road ahead,
it all boils down to awareness,
like how we should manage our bodily health, our fragile environment and spirituality.

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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