Sunday, March 20, 2011

Systemic solutions for a sustainable future? (1)

Pesticide cycle
"Dr X, it is raining. It must be bad for your pesticide field trial"
I started a dialogue with my colleague at work some two weeks back.

"Oh, not a problem, the pesticide was administered this morning,
the rain in the afternoon doesn't matter." Answered Dr X.

"I see."

"The pesticide was drenched into the soil, and
it would have been absorbed systemically within 3 hours;
after that it doesn't matter whether it rains or pours"
Dr X added.

"Even the surface-applied pesticide once dried up on the leaves,
the rain doesn't deter much" Dr X snapped again.

It was a simple conversation between myself and a colleague doing a
new pesticide approval trial.
1600 brinjal plants were planted in a field initially without chemicals
and then newly imported pesticides were applied to see the efficacy of the pesticides
in getting rid of insects.

The day the pesticide was applied, it rained.
So, curiously I asked if that would affect the studies.
The answer was no; which is good for the study,
but sent a shiver down my spine -- you get what I mean.

Along the days I promote organic living,
I read about how pesticides abuse is harming our environment and health.
That's why I insist on organic lifestyle no matter
how "pricey" and how difficult to fetch those quality organic food.
Now I see it with my own eyes, hear it with my own ears.

Students in my class sometimes complained that
organic lifestyle requires substantial financial capacity,
but little that people know that organic living doesn't necessary need to be expensive
given the proper knowledge and planning.

Knowing how our food is severely pesticides intoxicated
(systemically from the tip of the root to the tip of every leaves).
there isn't other choice other than organic living.

As my finance teachers taught me,
focus on how to solve the problem
rather than on how oneself is suffering from the problem.

Hence we should focus on how we could find ways
to feed ourselves with organic food,
rather than to drill into the matter of
being victimised by toxicity and insufficient financial capacity.

More pesticide stories to come in the next blog...

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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