Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to kick start with Organic Living (4)

In the beginning,
organic newbies are likely to face some teething problems.

If newbies are not nurtured well in this beginning stage,
they may easily give up, hence the following suggestions are recommended:

Suggestion 7:

Look for technical and emotional support (group)

Often it is the lack of skill and technical information,
that intimidate and hinder organic newbies from venturing further into organic living.

Simply, they do not know what are the viable options.

Therefore, it's important to do a lot of humble learning (and unlearning + re-learning)
when one has decided to step on an organic path.

There are a lot of technical support information and channels,
   Holistic Wellness Search Engine,
   Health Foodshops Listings,
   Easy Sprouting Protocols,
   Vegetarian Wellness Courses

that I have set up in the past 5 years
to nurture and support the general public on an organic path.

Also, when on a bumpy ride along the organic path,
one will easily feel lonely,
swayed away by negative sentiments against organic lifestyle
and eventually give up a quality lifestyle.

From the very beginning, it's vital to submerge oneself
among a group of postive minded people,
especially friends who are supportive of organic concepts.

In view of that,
I have also created several channels to serve this function, e.g.
   Cielo Sereno Organic Tours
   Organic Living Meetup Group

Please make good use of all these resources to support your personal growth,
(for they will only exist for as long as there is a need).


Suggestion 8:
Embrace organic living with a well-wishing attitude and heart-felt gratitude
The organic landscape in Singapore is actually still in its infancy stage,
strictly speaking.

Like nurturing any newborn, we need to give them love, words of encouragement
and forgiveness for their mistakes.

In the past 10 years, I have seen organic retails opened and closed.
Many many of them who are still "surviving" are just barely breaking even
and or still in deficits.

These organic players stay on (in the organic circle)
for a big dream to heal the Earth
and by great compassion for the general welfare.
If they were to stay for profits, 90% all of them would have been extinct by now.
(no exaggeration)
Therefore, we should give them our kindest understanding
and most positiveness thinking and deepest gratitude.

A simple question:
If we don't offer our full support to sustain their businesses,
when they close down, where are we going to get our organic supplies?

Mutual appreciation,
that's the key to help organic circle in Singapore grow strong and united.
When the organic community is united and has enough muscle to flex,
then only we have hope to bring the price down by economy of scale
and eventually overturn our fate of chemical intoxication!

Utopic as it sounds,
but it doesn't seem like we have any other choice.

Hope this blog series have given you clarity and
the courage to take on an organic path.

-- Buy your favourite organic item today :)

With love,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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