Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to kick start with Organic Living (1)

A long journey to
Organic Living
starts with just
one baby step.
Most people that I talked to,
know very well the goodness of organic food
and are aware of the environmental impact.
And, they very wish to impart organic food into their daily lives.

Although when implementing such a lifestyle
some people may face hurdles like financial constraints
and ease of accessibility etc,
Organic Living isn't necessary a far-fetch dream.

There are some suggestions here to help
the big-hearted ones,
the intelligent ones,
the curious ones and even
the helpless ones to kick start with a dignified new organic life :)

Suggestion 1:

Take one baby step at one time

Some people, who are perfection-inclined,
when given an idea of organic living,
he or she may want to go 100% organic right away.

While some events in life allow us to do things by 100%,
the relatively immature "Organic atmosphere" in Singapore
may not offer the perfect condition to go 100% right away.

So, why not sit back, relax and nurture this new organic path
by taking one small step at one time?

In other words,
no need to rush into 100% organic;
-- start by doing 5%, 10% or 15%...

There are a few steps to do this:

i. Make a vow to go organic and give a big big reason why go organic:
be it for the environment, for the next generation/love ones or your own good health

ii. Pledge to go 10%, 20% or 30% organic by a certain date
(give yourself a comfy period of 6months, 1 year or so to implement)

ii. Start right away, buying just one favourite organic iterm today

iii. Allocate a small budget to go for 1 organic meal per week. -- 1 organic meal out of 21 meals per week,
that is already 5% organic -- Bravo! this is a good start eh =)

iv. after 3 months, increase to 2 organic meals per week (10%!!)

v. another 6 months later, make it a routine to organic during breakfast or dinner (this is now 30% - Congrates!!!) 

During the year-long process of
gradual and progressive increase of organic meals,
we allow ourselves to
  plan our budget,
  re-prioiritise/re-adjust our expenses,
  go through some trials and errors,
  also, a lot of buffering time to learn ways to save on organic food bill.

30% organic may not be everybody's target,
but the example above is to demonstrate the principle
of doing it step-by-step to easen the intensity/pressure
due to individual financial or mindset constraints.

More tips to come.. especially on how to go organic cheap and nutritious :)

Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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