Friday, February 25, 2011

The critical veg issue of Vitamin B12 (5)

B12 issue as a reflection of
deviation from organic living
At this juncture, with already much "discouraging" information,
some veg may think of falling back to ovo-lacto vegetarian diet to salvage B12 via eggs and milk.
[Again, the B12 from bacteria-contaminated eggs and milk are also proven not sufficient to sustain a vegetarian well being] 

Some may even start doubting vegetarianism and
go back to meat diet to take the so-called "natural" way out.
[but that is merely a game of covering ten pots with nine lids;
as meat also poses a whole set of problems, more serious ones] 

Ultimately, the B12 issue is not to be solved from the surface.

As we may have felt since the beginning,
even tho' taking B12 supplement
is an "official" recommendation for veg,
it doesn't truly solve the root of problem.

If we sink in and observe carefully,
the issue of B12 is actually a warning signal.

The entire B12 issue in every way is reflecting that
human nowadays are deviating from natural way of living (organic living),
dettaching from the nature settings,
and eating food and drinking water which are chemically processed.

Today, our lifestyle and environment have evolved to such an extent
that natural B12 can become almost inaccessible (in urban settings),
what will be next for tomorrow, if we continue with the current way of living?

While the B12 issue continues trouble many vegs out there,
few people notice that
we are also facing considerably serious problems from
the lacking of VitD (due to less sun exposure in unnatural modern urban lifestyle)
the lacking of minerals (due to chemical farming).

Therefore, the true solution,
is to start today,
"farming" for an organic future (ie support organic farming),
going back to nature more often and
dettaching gradually from unnatural urban lifestyle.

It will take time, but that is the only true solution for B12 issue.
The B12 issue may not be reversible in short term
(ie bringing back the natural B12 sources),
but leading an organic lifestyle will at least
prevent immediately our quality of life from degenerating further.

In summary,
-- pop B12 pills as short term measure;
-- lead and promote an organic lifestyle (and conserving the environment)
    as a long term solution.

Hope this series of B12 postings will inspire some of us
to take the brave step towards the truly natural way of organic living ...
(rather than arguing unnecessarily on how unnatural it is to take B12 pills)

With metta,
Kee Yew

p/s: we are solving a lifestyle and environmental issue here, as alerted by B12 deficiency.
Vit B12 deficiency is the phenomenon (so as mineral deficiency),
the real issues to solve are the damaged environment and intoxicating agriculture.


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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