Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The stories behind Simple Vegetarian (5)

During Chinese New Year 2005,
Jessie invited both Glenis and I for vegetarian Yu-sheng dinner
at an organic cafe -- Synbiotics @ Stanley St, Tanjong Pagar.

That evening was an extraordinary one;
because for the first time in my life
I tasted such a high quality raw vegetarian food
and uniquely yummy Yu-sheng!

That extraordinary evening,
also unexpectedly set a new path for me
when Jessie introduced me to the owner and chef, Ms Sim Nget Seer.
It was from that day onwards, I started to dive into detoxification and biogenic diet
under the guidance and influence of this wonderful teacher.

Ms Sim (in her 60s) isn't just another magical chef.
She is a holistic healer, herbalist and naturapathic nutritionist.
She heals patients via unique detoxification and nutritional regimes.

Ms Sim isn't a person whom anybody can get close with.
She has certain attitude that initimidate people
(including myself when I first met her).
However, I believe it was by gratitude and sincerity,
that Ms Sim soon accepted me in her circle of life.

At Ms Sim's cafe,
dinner was not usually served (ie closed after 3pm);
but she often invited me over for dinner.
Hence, for many evenings (over several years),
I spent quality time communicating with Ms Sim
over the dining table.
That's how I gradually pick up concepts and skills
like detoxification, nutritional healing, biogenic diet,
flower essence, remedial juicing etc...

Out of all that I have learnt from Ms Sim,
one most important concept (that Ms Sim repeatedly emphasized)
is the nutritional value of our day-to-day meals.

The major reason why Ms Sim wanted to set up her organic cafe
was to heal people from the very foundation.
Often, I heard Ms Sim mentioning that
usually when her patients came to see her
for detoxification or to heal any diseases (including cancers),
it was already too late.
She attributed that to the poor diet most people are adopting nowadays.

She wanted to service the public with good nutritional food,
but not many people could appreciate
(many complained that her set meals @SGD10 were too expensive
but as I guess they were just a bit too calculative)

In 2008, Ms Sim's cafe unfortunately had to close down
due to the lack of support.
Since then, I couldn't see Ms Sim as frequently as before.

Ms Sim is travelling around the world to help
people to do detox to revamp their health,
and she constantly reminded me that
I should continue to educate people on
the concept of good nutrition,
in order help them to face the challenging future to come.

This was how the momentum to write "Simple Vegetarian"
slowly built up.

But there were still two more critical factors (ie two great friends) that
dictated the creation of "Simple Vegetarian".
Without them, "Simple Vegetarian" probably wouldn't have existed.

more stories to come...

With love,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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