Sunday, May 16, 2010

The stories behind Simple Vegetarian (4)

During the days I frequented Jessie's outlet
for free healthy food tasting,
I was introduced to another fabulous women.

Her name is Glenis Lim.

Glenis like myself was often invited by Jessie
to go support organic veg places
and attend health seminars,
except that she is much senior than I am
and she is already a knowledgeable healthy vegetarian.
Her humbleness and continuous learning attitude were remarkable.

From time to time, she would share with me with
her latest reading about wellness technology
from MRET water to probiotics, to inulin, to hGF, to colonic irrigation, to Vitamix etc.

Another reason why Glenis was introduced to me by Jessie,
was that Glenis was also a very good cook.
She used to run a healthy veg stall at Ubi Avenue and
her food stall's business was so good that she decided to close down
due to exhaustion!

Again, same drill, I invited her to teach at VSS cooking class ;)
Know what, her cooking skill was more than good.
More than amazing.
More than magical.
I call that wicked!

I couldn't help engaging her 9 lessons for my VSS cooking series,
teaching delicacies of Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam etc!!!!!!
-- I am now drooling when I recall her vegetarian Som-Tam and Otak-otak :P (drool...)

Glenis was also a compassionate teacher to me.
She was the one who started me off on ideas of organic travel business
when she personally invited me to go KL for organic food tasting
(ie to crawl from one organic cafe to another)
and also a wonderful organic tour in Chiang Mai.

At both KL and Chiang Mai,
I was exposed to a variety of organic/healthy veg food of different flavours.
My "organic dictionary" was since enriched.

Glenis also had very high standard when it comes to food.
While I have always been learning to go easy on taste (influence of dharma),
Glenis reminded me on what the public would anticipate in term of food quality.
That established a baseline for me when I teaches vegetarian classes in days to come
and also the recipe formulation for "Simple Vegetarian".

In the most recent 2 years,
Glenis' influence on me went beyond organic-nism and vegetarianism.

She introduced me to life-coaching workshops
by Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Ekers etc...
My life subsequently went through a pivotal change
because of Glenis' good will to put me through
continuous personality improvement (the secular way)
and financial freedom awareness.

Another important remark about Glenis is that
she is always busy at her age of ~50+ (and she has retired long ago).
I could only catch up with her several times a year,
due to her frequent traveling
for Anthony Robbins' workshops and Vipasanna and holidays..

She is a good example to me
as in what it takes to become a financially-free vegetarian.
She is a women who inspire me to take on big ideas
and pushes me to become a go-go vegetarian.

The fourth influential women in my life
is somebody who is also extraordinary.
She is not someone easily get along with.
But we become close friends...
more to come in the next chapter =)

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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