Saturday, May 15, 2010

The stories behind Simple Vegetarian (2)

Not long after I became a vegetarian,
I started to explore organic food.
I guess it was a natural next step,
as one of the reasons I went veg was health concern.

One day, I dropped by this cozy organic retail
at B1 @ Lucky Chinatown Plaza
to get a few simple organic grocery.

That's where I met one of the four wonder women in my life,
Jessie Cheong.

Jessie was the owner of the organic shop.
At first sight, she was just a down-to-earth middle-age lady.
We didn't quite interact much initially.
In fact I was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning
due to her slight pushy-ness over her organic products.
(I later understood that organic business is really difficult!
She made a LOSS of 10s of thousands of dollars and finally closed the shop
several years after.)

Subsequently when I visited her shop more,
we became a bit more familiar to each other,
exchanged phone numbers
and Jessie started to invite me from time to time
to her shop for free healthy food tasting.
--Guess what, those home-made food that she prepared,
was the best vegetarian food I had ever tasted!

It may seem like a means to market her organic products,
but after knowing Jessie more,
over multiple sessions of food tasting,
I began to see her sincerity to make friends
and pass on healthy education to her customers.

From Jessie, I learnt a great deal
about  healthy vegetarian cooking, holistic living, organic concepts.
-- Jessie is a big fan of Dr Lai Chiu-Nam's teachings,
hence most of the information came from Lapiz Lazuli Light.
And, that was precious to me,
because then I couldn't afford to attend pricey courses by Dr Lai.

Jessie didn't only just taught me healthy organic vegetarian living.
Along all these years,
she also nurtured my personality development (in line with buddhism),
and played a pivotal role in my circle of life
-- meaning she was the one who introduced to me
the next 3 wonder women of my life.

More wonderful stories to come...

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Interesting :D Love stories, just like kid :p

  2. hahaha.. I love listening to stories and telling stories too.. kekeke...

    feel like writing these stories to acknowldge my teachers and 'en-ren' =)

    they touch my life so deeply that I do not know how to repay other than blogging about them :)


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