Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Stories Behind The Nurturing of Vegetarianism (2) -- Leveraging from Home

Sunset at Home
@ Sungai Long, Kuala Lumpur
At the age of 14,
long before I receive formal Buddhist education,
I was blessed enough to meet a good teacher (Mdm Inthira)
who taught me to look deep within
and leverage from the strength within.

Since then, along some years of
learning and practising Buddhism,
the same teachings and guidance
surface every now and then
whenever I need to gather strength to move on,
whether in my own life path or
in the path of vegetarianism.

I knew, since very early days in Singapore,
that I need to return to my place of origin one day.
Because that is the place I should locate myself
to harvest strength from within.

After quitting from biotech research,
my plan was to return to Kuala Lumpur.
I gathered this is only natural
given the philosophy that,
if one were to leverage strength from within one's own heart, in micro-sense,
one would have to leverage from one's
own home, own family, own country, in a macro perspective.

That was why when Bamboo House
manifested the lack of ability to sustain,
my instinct drifted me back to Kuala Lumpur
to work with RPA Holistic Wellness Academy
to teach nutrition courses.

Some close friends were a little startled,
especially friends in Malaysia
who thought it would be tough for me
to make a living in KL
where salary is relatively low
culture is a bit different from that in Singapore.

With faith on Buddhist teachings,
I was positive and prepared to tackle any hurdle
to make my transition back to KL
well cushioned,
despite the reality of cutting my absolute income by 70-80%.

After returning to KL, teaching at RPA,
my experience was very encouraging and joyful!

In contrast to the belief by many,
I had a very understanding and kind boss,
very caring and friendly colleagues,
very enthusiastic and diligent students,
and didn't experience tightness in financial situation.

As what I learnt in Buddhist text,
with sincerity, true effort and humble lifestyle,
a lot of hurdles will dissolve on their own.

Returning home,
actually renewed me another contract
to put effort in my own family,
fostering closer bonds with my siblings,
and spending quality time with my mum.

Returning to Kuala Lumpur,
actually offered me another chance
to contribute to my home land,
helping people closer to home
and catching up with my old friends.

During new voyage in Malaysia,
I verified a few precious teachings
that I have learnt from Buddhism:
-- in order to achieve more, one need to give up more personal attachment
-- in order to serve more people, one need to lower personal desires
-- in order to be more free and liberated, one need to grateful with what one already have (at home)

I made the right decision,
by surrendering my seniority in biotech research.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have the opportunity
to start up Bamboo House,
although for just that 13months.

It's a pleasurable decision
to pace my path back to KL.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have the chance
to teach healthy vegetarian and nutrition
at RPA Academy.

Back home,
I truly have gathered more strength
to advance vegetarianism further =)

With deep gratitude,
Kee Yew


{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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