Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Stories Behind The Nurturing of Vegetarianism (3) -- The Veg School Moving On

Presentation at Veg Congress
@ Kuala Lumpur, Oct 2013
The Veg School (TVS)
was first conceived late 2010,
and officially started up in May 2011,
as an effort and good will,
to advance vegetarianism in the region,
by teaching scientifically sound procedures
to adopt a plant based diet and lifestyle.

After returning to Kuala Lumpur in 2012,
I was still required to travel to Singapore
to teach Vegetarian Nutrition for a few Buddhist Associations,
including Sagaramudra Buddhist Society,
80-Gallery (Mahaboddhi Monastry),
and Bliss and Wisdom Society.

TVS was still progressing steadily in low profile
despite my frequent absence in Singapore.

In 2013,
TVS' Signature Vegetarian Nutrition Course
reached out to some 150 students;
TVS' new course, Vegan Culinary Certification Program
also successfully trained two batches of healthy, vegan culinary students.

As TVS is getting a little more well-received,
I decided to expand TVS vegetarian teachings
to Kuala Lumpur, since I am already physically here.

Oct 2013, I gathered some courage to step up my veg effort,
by ending the contract with RPA Academy,
and docking onto full time establishment of TVS programs in KL.

After some intensive meetings and discussions with collaborators
and potential students,
The Veg School will officially conduct
Veg programs in KL starting Feb 2014,
as per some highlights below:
Detox Retreat @ Titi Eco Farm 3-7 Feb
Advance Veg Nutrition & Healing (Private classes) Mar-Jun
* Veg Culinary Workshop (semi-volunteering @ Tzu Chi) Mar-Jun
* Yoga and Nutrition for Digestive Health (collaborating with Yin Yoga Asia) 4-6 Apr

In 2014, TVS also continues to add value
in the vegetarian communities in both KL and SG
by creating a free Mobile App
accessible/downloadable at

harbouring the following features,
with which I hope to mobilize more people into health vegetarian living:

* TVS Events Calendar

GPS-assisted Map of Healthy Veg Eateries in KL and SG 
TVS Veggie Map @ KL and SG

* Health Vegan Recipes
Free Healthy
Vegan Recipes on the go

* Vegetarian Info Downloads
Bite-size Veg Info Downloads

Looking forward,
I am hopeful that 2014 will be a promising year
for The Veg School to advance vegetarianism
in Malaysia and Singapore =)

Have a Horse-some New Year :D
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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