Monday, November 21, 2011

The Organic Gems of Singapore (2)

Gem 2:
New Green Pasture
190 Middle Road #04-22,
Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979.
Tel: 6336 8755

The New Green Pasture is another amazing organic eatery
even the 'hardcore meaters' can't resist the creative and tantalising dishes here!

Founded and operated by Sophia Teh, the chef and owner,
a fashion-designer-turn-vegatarian-gourmet-chef,
The New Green Pasture has been
serving her customers dedicatedly for almost a decade.

Few people know that
Sophia also learnt about healthy organic cooking
by the Dr Lai Chiu-nan's way
when Lapiz Lazuli Light first set up
on the 4th floor of Fortune Centre in mid 90s.

Inspired by Dr Lai to help improve the well being of general public
Sophia gave up her lucrative fashion design career in Orchard
and started up her organic food service.

Throughout the years, Sophia who is also a staunch buddhist
sees herself doing this organic business
as a form of volunteering (just like Mdm Wong of Ci Yan perceives).

One uniqueness about Sophia's food is
the 'overwhelming' nutriton (as she never fail to put more ingredients)
and appealing colourful food presentation!
Some of the must try unique dishes at NGP are:
Penang Laksa, Salad Soba, Yong-Tau-Foo, Salad Sushi, Bibimbap set, Pumpkin Chestnut Rice set.

Like Ci Yan, this is the eating place
where one doesn't have to worry about
the quality of ingredients used -- given Sophia's personal integrity
and the nutrition -- due to her healthy cooking education background.

To come: an organic eatery that is equally creative, nutrious and health conscious, serving the organic community at the other corner of Bugis area, for more than half a decade, tiredlessly.

Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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