Monday, November 21, 2011

The Organic Gems of Singapore (1)

Very often, organic newbies or friends from overseas
would ask me this question:
"Which organic eateriesare good?"

Usually I would recommend them
a handful organic outlets which I frequent
-- not so much because of the taste, also not because they are cheap,
but more of the healthfulness of their foods and
the sincerity of the eateries' chefs/owners to serve.

I have to admit along these years,
I have become less and less picky about the taste of food,
but I have also become more and more concerned about
the quality of ingredients used and manner the foods are prepared.

Hence in this blog series to come,
I will make known several organic eateries
that, I personally feel, should be
the models of organic community in Singapore.

There will be a lot of good organic eateries that I do not mention,
may be due to my lack of communication with them,
may be due to my personal prejudice,
may be due to short period of time they have emerged,
but that doesn't mean they are not worth mentioning.
As often I emphasize, as long as it's veg and organic,
we should give them support regardlessly =)

Here are the 5 Organic Gems of Singapore:

Gem 1:
Ci Yan Organic Vegetarian Cafe
8, Smith Street, (Chinatown), S058922
Tel: 62259026

Ci Yan has been around for at least 12 years.
It's one of the most established healthy organic veg outlets
in the past decade.

Many people who have tried the food at Ci Yan
probably won't deny
the good taste, healthfulness and reasonable pricing of the food there.
Some highly recommended dishes are:
- Brown rice set meal, Hakka Leicha, Nasi Lemak, Rojak and Lotus Leaf Rice.

But those are not the most important thing.
What impresses myself and many customers of Ci Yan,
is their sincerity to serve.

According to Madam Wong, who is the chef and owner,
the reason why she operates Ci Yan is to repay Buddha
for granting her a new lease of life,
helping her to pull through her fatal 4th stage leukemia
some 15-20years ago.

Many a time, she shared with people,
how going organic and cooking vegetarian food the healthy way
(that she learnt from Lapizs Lazuli and Dr Lai Chiu-Nan)
help people bring back good health.

Ci Yan's readiness and sincerity to serve
could be seen from their attitude in operating the eatery.
Unless Mdm Wong goes for retreat or short breakaway,
the outlet is opened every single day 12nn-10pm
rain or shine.

Many a time, when customers (including myself)
came in late (say at 10pm)
and she was already closing or all foods had been sold,
Mdm Wong wouldn't mind the hassle "reactiving the kitchen"
to cook something up just for the starving customer.

Mdm Wong also mentioned before that
she wants to make healthy organic veg food affodable to general public.
Therefore no matter how high the cost of organic ingredients are,
she would keep it at a low S$5.
--That's the vow she made to Buddha after recovering from cancer.

Considering the healthfulness, taste, sincerity to serve and price affordability,
Ci Yan is well-deserved as one of the Organic Gems in the region.

Next, another organic eatery which is almost as well established as Ci Yan, 
also influenced by Dr Lai's teachings, operated by yet another wonderful woman...

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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