Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holistic transformation in the pipeline -- The Veg School

A symbol of good will
for social, animal
and environmental wellbeing
 Some 8 months ago,
I was sitting in a 3-day T. harv Eker's workshop
on how to make our dreams into reality,
inspiring me to open a vegetarian school.

I took the inspiration to my heart so deeply that
I made broad public commitment on Facebook and my Blog
started to recruit talents to prepare for the biggest project of my life.

Given the overwhelming support from many many friends,
the management team for the vegetarian school quickly took shape,
the vegetarian school officially registered with ACRA as "The Veg School" in March 2011
and today,
The Veg School's official website goes live!!

As I write this blog,
my cells resonate in excitement:
I couldn't believe this very ambitious project (and mission)
that will potentially transform the lives of many people
finally takes place.

At the same time, I am also feeling grateful :
without the mutual support and dedication of
the TVS team members,
this very critical start of the life-transforming project
couldn't have been so smooth --
be it the booking of teaching venue,
publicity platforms,
content write-up,
website construction or back end support...

The Veg School (TVS) promises to be an educational figure
that doesn't just talk about how to lead a holistic and healthy vegetarian lifestyle,
but also help students to actually impart the knowledge into their lives
and make the real change happens!

Unlike the conventional schools which
passes on only theories and notes to students,
TVS will provide step-by-step systematic guidance
and follow through the growth of the students along their path towards vegetarianism.

TVS is a school with personal touch and
sincerity to offer true values to the people (+animal+environment).

Here, I sincerely invite you to visit

Register as a student (take the opportunity of the admin fee waiver till 31st July 2011!)
sign up at least a full day module with The Veg School -- if not the entire program ;)
recommend to your loved ones and your best friends!

There is one critical point that TVS needs your help --
TVS needs the very YOU to be in the scene
so that TVS could honour its promise
to transform your life and lives of many others
via holistic, ethical and healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

The first module starts 2nd October 2011.
Be there =)

With deep gratitude,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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