Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Adjusting towards a holistic life path (2)

Volunteerim is to me is the best course I have ever attended.

It's a life-long continuous learning,
which is rewarding but gives little space for complaceny (if the intention is true);

It's precisedly designed teaching program with real-time feedback,
encompassing a good balance between theory and practical.

Volunteerism gives instants gratification, tho' little materialistic returns;
it satisfies the inner soul, tho' often drains the physical body;
it completes one's personal development, tho' frequently it requires one to make sacrifices.

If one feels like the best school and best course to attend,
volunteerism is the only one I would recommend =)

So, for the past 8 years or so, I deeply plunged into volunteering
for the Vegetarian Society, The Chinese Buddhist Assoc,
The Singapore Budhdhist Federation, Fu Hai Monastry,
Kampung Senang, Dharma Drum, Buddhist Life Mission Assoc etc...

I reaped a lot of personal growth in there.
However, after I gathered enough physical strength or wellness to endure
the heavy load of volunteering part time after work
(to the extent I look so frailed, my family and friends called me crazy tiring out myself for 'nothing'),
I began to face an all new challenge in emotion management.

The emotional set back from adverse experiences during volunteering
could be quite a few log scale more intensive and damaging than
the plain physical energy drainage.

Buddhism as the fountain of sustainance

If it were not by some spiritual faith,
I couldn't have sustained so far.
-- I was taught that the 'boddhi path' i.e. path to enlightenment is meant to be tough and lengthy,
hence much perseverence is required despite of challenges of the body and soul.

Knowing that this path is tough, is one thing;
resolving the emotional predicaments along the way, is another thing.
Often I have to apply some buddhist teachings
either Amituiofo chanting, metta illumination, and some meditative detachment,
to handle emotional attacks or conflicts..

These are actually teachings from Venerable Chin Kung
that I learnt in my early buddhism days
and those precious widsom turned out to be the most valuable
in cushioning my bumpy ride on this holisitc path that I am striving on.

Volunteerism, when imparting into
every single cells of my body
and every episode of my life,
indirectly invoked the complementation of
vegetarianism and buddhism.

This is how my life began to step up towards a holistic path
(which I believe from my understanding from my teachers' teaching,
a necessity to achieve total awareness)

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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