Monday, December 20, 2010

Adjusting towards a holistic life path (1)

The final quarter of 2010
has proven to be the most drastic change on my life path,
since I turned vegetarian and buddhist some 7~8 years ago.

This change wasn't all that sudden actually,
as some close friends may have observed in the past one year or so,
my gradual drifts into entrepreneurship, cyber-presence and intensive financial learning.

I have friends commenting in multiple events
that I somehow have gotten more interested in 'money' nowadays
(cf. my passion in volunteering and spiritual studies along those years).

But the core hasn't change since the very beginning.

Beginning from the will to serve

The story starts since I arrived in Singapore in 2000,
and was hungering for spiritual fulfillment after
a long depression (undiagnosed) since I left my secondary school.
[I wasn't happy how the world it was and built up a lot of skeptism towards people around and refrain to 'participate in life']

I hence started my volunteering path in 2001,
in search of peace, bliss and enlightenment.
Lucky enough, I was given many opportunities to
serve and wide exposure to buddhist teachings
since I devoted myself to volunteerism then.

I was submerged in total bliss and joy of volunteerism, as a reuslt.

After a while, I began to realise that my physical body
couldn't sustain the demanding effort in volunteering.
I wanted to do more and
very wished to serve a broader public with deeper impact,
but my exhausted body kept holding me back...

Vegetarian lifestyle as the foundation to serve

Subsequently, my natural instinct asked that
I go vegetarian to build a good health foundation.
And so I did.

Given the concern of imbalance nutrition and
my promise to mum to take good care of myself despite my special diet,
I drilled deep into vegetarian nutrition,
eagerly attending wellness seminars, workshop and cooking classes.

My health became better day by day
with a natural/organic vegetarian diet,
and gradually improved my energy level and endurance power.

Driven by my deep gratitude towards vegetarianism,
I geared my effort in contributing to the vegetarian community
(including The Vegetarian Society of Singapore).

And this brought me up to the next level in fulfillment
but also posed a new set of challenges.

to be continued...

With sincerity,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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