Thursday, April 22, 2010

Healing with Vegetables

These few days I have been drafting the course syllabus for
"Vegetarian Healing" Course in June.

This course is a service that I have been longing to do.
It's also a progress report of what I have learnt thus far,
to be translated into practical benefits for the vegetarian community.

Towards vegetarian wellness, lies a very convoluted path,
which requires tremendous amount of faith and perseverence.

During the course of hasty and unguided learning,
people often get
illusified by the superficial phenomena (be it good or bad)
confused by rumours (postive or negative),
before we could get to the core (or true principle) of vegetarianism.

As a result, many people either easily quit or fall into the other extreme (of superstition).

In this upcoming course
detailing the advanced understanding about vegetarianism,
I coined a new term "Vegetarian Healing"
in the hope to entice people sink in
to find out the inner truth and beauty of vegetarian living.

Quite substantial biochemical science will be adapted
  to link up "gaps" between facts and theories,
  to debunk myths
  to verify various confusing claims
about vegetarian diet and holistic healing.

This couse initially will dissect vegetarian wellness
from the perspective of self-healing, covering:
-- the properties of healing vegetarian foods,
-- the methods of harnessing the healing properties
-- the underlying principles of natural healing with a plant based diet.

Throughout the four Tuesday evenings in June,
the scope will also slowly and subtly expand to include:
   a paradigm of resolving health problems (that is in sync with vegetarianism),
   the positioning of vegetarian diet in holistic wellness
   the co-players in a complete picture of vegetarian living.

At the end of this course,
I hope to see students
   *gain confidence and faith in vegetarian diet,
   *acquire the keys to a self-help vegetarian lifestyle
      and also
   *assist their family and friends in steering towards a eco-responsible diet.

Hope you could join me at this precious sharing session in June =)
[this course wouldn't have been possible
without great spiritual and technical support of Ci Xin @ Awareness Place]

Registration for "Vegetarian Healing" (8-15-22-29 June) is now open
@ Awareness Place (Tel: 6336 5067)

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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