Saturday, January 16, 2010

Piecing the Peace Together (2)

As I continue to walk the path towards inner peace,
I slowly came into realisation that the true happiness
could be attained when we offer happiness to people.
(by the law of reciprocation?)

When I first stepped out of my depression,
one thing I could remember was a humble line from
our primary school text:
(literally, the root of happiness is to help people)

This was another early hints
on how I could find inner peace and happiness.

So, as soon as I settled with a job in Singapore when I graduated,
I went look out for some volunteering opportunities.

I started with the Chinese Buddhist Association (中华佛教会),
visiting old folks at Kreta Ayer every Sunday morning.
Then slowly my volunteering scope expanded to
manning booths in charity/education fairs,
helping the Vegetarian Society of Singapore to organise activities,
later on, managing some charity projects at the Kampung Senang,
and eventually coordinating youth programs at Dharma Drum Singapore.

The path of volunteering was a tough one,
but it truly pays off with a lot of happiness and satisfaction =)

This is because, during the course of volunteering,
one interacts with all sorts of people
and is compelled to view things in all sorts of perspectives.
From there, one observes the world in a more comprehensive manner
and is able to gain a more complete picture of the universe
(hence the wisdom to attain inner peace/happiness).

A wise Chinese saying advises that
to travel a thousand miles
is more helpful than to study tens of thousands of articles.

The same principle above applies
when putting compassionate acts in practice,
rather than merely reading up on how to achieve inner bliss =)

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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