Monday, January 12, 2015

Digesting The Core of Wellness (2)

Watering on digestive fire
which is meant to
transform nutrients
is one common mistake.
Now that we know
the digestive system
is crucial to our bodily health,
we will discuss here
on how to implement digestive wellness.

But, prior to doing the right things
to nurture a strong digestive system,
there are a few "Don't-s"
that need to be observed.
Otherwise, whatever good that we do
to improve our digestive system
will be futile.

(I) Avoid consuming cold water or ice-cold foods

Yes, we have heard enough of this advice
on and off.

But once the hot weather sets in,
people will start to get excuse for
cold drinks, chilly smoothies, ice-creams and icy desserts.

Obviously, they do not understand how dreadful
the digestive tract is compromised
in order to resist the temperature shock
and to "digest" the foods under non-permissive condition
(ie the wrong temperature for the digestive enzymes to work)

(II) Avoid untimely drinking of fluids

This refers to inappropriate habit of drinking fluids
within 30mins prior to a  major meal,
during a major meal,
within 1 hour after a major meal.

Water is a source of life force which is good,
but it also harbours a Yin trait
which can be mismanaged to do harm to our body.
Drinking water along with a major meal
will reduce or even put off the digestive fire
(ie diluting the gastric juice and enzymes)
and in turn cause improper/incomplete digestion/transformation of nutrients.

The fluids here refers to water or any type of beverages,
except small amount of hot soup (which will be elaborated in the following posts).

* The above time restriction also applies on showering/bathing and physical exercises.
** Individuals with digestive issues may consider no fluid 1hr before, and 2hr after meal.

(III) Avoid untimely eating

This means:

a) Eating without appetite -- when one is lack of appetite, it already means that digestive power is lacking. If food is forced into the digestive system, we are only going to get incomplete digested foods turning into toxins.

b) Inconsistent daily eating time -- this confuses the digestive system when to start up digestive fire, when not to; rendering a risk of incomplete digestion.

c) Eating at late night -- the digestive system slows down substantially after sundown. Putting in food into the digestive system late night, is asking for incomplete digestion.

(IV) Avoid over-eating

When the digestive system is overloaded, digestion will naturally become inefficient.
In such a case, life force will be drained, toxins will be formed, complications follow...

(V) Avoid mixing raw and cooked foods in a meal

In ideal situation, raw and cooked food should be eaten in different meals.
Both raw and cooked foods are digested with different amount of enzymes and "protocols".
When mixed, the digestive system gets confused,
rendering less efficient digestion.
If occasionally, raw and cooked have to be taken in one meal,
limit either raw or cooked portion to less than 20%,
so as to mitigate the negative effect.

Next, we will elaborate on the "Do's" to nurture a healthy digestive system
and some tricks to improve the digestibility of foods :)

Well wishes,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Mr. Wong, could u please recommend me the right way to have yogurt as i always take it just out from fridge, should i let it sit for a while at room temperature ?

    1. Hi Carole, indeed, I would take it out first thing in the morning, and let it equilibrate to room temp before eating :)


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