Saturday, January 7, 2012

Advancing Vegetarianism in 2012

2011 was proven to be a hectic year,
as I took a few steps further
to advance my soul searching,
via physically reforms in my career and lifestyle
just like I did in 2010...

Some of LHW readers may have known that
I quit my full time job end of July 2011,
to better prepare for the commencement of
The Veg School in Oct 2011.

Like many others, I took long considerations
and had multiple consultation sessions with my family
before taking the plunge,
as it's expected that for substantial period of time
I will be short of stable income.

With permissions and support from my family,
I officially went full time into vegetarian education
as a new career cf. as a part time hobby in the past 10 years.

It has been five exciting months since the career switch.
and so far,
I am enjoying this new life! :D

During this very short period of time,
with the help of many boddhisatvas,
The Veg School successfully conducted
two workshops,
helping general public to understand the basics of healthy plant based diet,
and the importance of going organic for better health and environment.

At the same time,
some extraordinary learning opportunities came along,
when Nutrihub invited myself to help out on their marketing,
and two boddhisatvas offered very sincere incentives to convince me
to start up a vegan tea house at Kovan.

Everything happened just so quickly in the second half of 2011.

While I am indulging in my hectic (but spiritually-rewarding) new life,
2012 has now sneaked in!

Actually, I didn't quite realised it's 2012,
until my students were asking for
my new Vegetarian Wellness timetable for 2012 :P

In this new year 2012,
as seen in the timetable link above,
The Veg School will continue
to educate the public on vegetarian wellness,
serving even a larger audience
including the Mandarin speaking crowd (from April onwards)
and the residents in Kuala Lumpur (in May)!!

On my personal capacity,
I am also organising more outdoor workshops/tours/camps
to make it more lively and invigourating to learn vegetarian wellness,
including a Detox Workshop cum Retreat at Bornoe Highlands Resort (Apr)
and a 6D5N Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Camp at Aenon Farm (June).

Hope all the new vegetarian wellness programs lined up for 2012
will entice more people to learn more about vegetarian wellness
and to lead healthier lifestyle via compassionate and environmental diet.

Here, I wishes everybody
Good Health, Wisdom and Inner Peace
in 2012!

With metta,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}

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