Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life Force Recipe (1) - Rejuvenate Concoction

Several weeks ago,
I went for dinner at Kampung Senang Aljunied
after missing their hearty organic meal for a month or so!!

Then, Auntie MuiFa (the creative and loving chef @ Kg Senang)
came by my table and gave me this special beverage called
the Rejuvenate Concoction.

Rejuvenate Concoction is a humble wellness beverage
that helps (in TCM perspective)
  - improve digestivity and spleen function
  - unblock clogged up Qi within the body
  - remove "damp"-ness from the body

It's not the first time I had Rejuvanate Concoction,
but this time, it caught my extra attention, because I was shown the recipe along.
Auntie MuiFa asked that I spread this recipe for the benefit of broad public,
and hence I am happily uploading the recipe here to share the cyber community ;)

.Lotus Seeds   30g
.Organic Whole Wheat   30g
.Organic Brown Rice   30g
.Organic Black Wild Rice   30g
.Organic Millet   30g
.Organic Pearl Barley (Western)   30g
.Organic Whole Oat   30g
.Glutinous Rice   30g
.Chinese Barley   30g
. Filtered water   12L

- mix Lotus Seeds and Wheat with room temperature Water and bring to boil
- add in Millet and Rice
- add in Barley and boil for another 5 min
- add in whole Oat and boil for the last 5~10min before taking off the stove.

>>Drink only the supernatant (ie liquid part).
-- The sediment (ie grains) could be served as porridge or blended into rice milk.

Well regards,
Kee Yew

{Learning Holistic Wellness for Wisdom and Compassion}


  1. Hi Can you buy those ingredients at walmart or mountain view market ?

    1. You can buy all the ingredients at Wholefood supermarket and Sprotus.

      Except Lotus Seed and Chinese Barley at Ranch 99 or Chinese grocery store.

  2. They are quite common grains.. could give it a shot =)


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