Friday, January 8, 2021

Immunity Boosting Is Easy! (2)

Basic hygiene is crucial
to beat viral spread.
Everyday, many of us are watching out 
for the hiking number of Covid19 cases.

But few of us really interpret the statistics
in impartial view 
-- at least we should not be pre-opined 
that rising number is a bad thing

Looking at this graph below,
we see that the fatality 
as a consequence of contraction of Covid19
is less than 2.2% world wide.


[click to enlarge]
(source: )

Looking closer to the most recent 50years (in the chart below),
humanity has been invaded by these major viral outbreaks,
which are way more serious than Covid19
but we all survived very well without panic or en masse vaccination.

[click to enlarge]
( )

Further, we see, in the following chart,
the fatality+contagiousness of Covid19,
compared to many other major diseases.
Covid19 is not even on par of 
HIV, dengue, malaria, HFMD, bird flu which we are all already too familiar with.

[click to enlarge]
(source: )

Fighting Covid19 is easier than we all thought!
Because we know by solid data,
its virulence and spreading capacity are 
similar to many other common viruses.

Treating Covid19 should be 
how we usually treat other viral infections:

. Boost immunity via sensible diet and detoxing herbals
. Rest more to recharge our energy
. Drink lots of water
. Patience to go through self healing process  

Seeing the strong statistic,
we should release ourselves from undue panic and fear.
Hope more people now understand that
Covid19 isn't a monster that we are initially mistaken to believe 
by under-informed policy makers.

Many blessings,
Kee Yew

Remarks: Despite that we have proven Covid19 is behaving just like many other common virus, we should still obey rules and regulations in our countries. Social distancing, frequent hand washing and mask-wearing practices are still very crucial to provide other people the sense of security, love and respect.


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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Immunity boosting is easy! (1)

Green chiretta is a
possible Covid19 antidote
Immunity boosting is not as difficult as most people think.
At least it is a lot more easier than racing for vaccination.

Thailand just recently approved 
Green Chiretta (Andrographis Paniculata, 穿心莲/蛇草)
as possible Covid19 antidote.

Earlier, in China, a concoction of detox herbs was officially announced to be 
more than 99% effective in fighting Covid19.

We must first understand that: 

1. Covid19 virus is here to stay, just like all viruses that existed throughout history of Earth. We can choose to face it with fear or with equanimity (with sensible immune-boosting measures)
2. Vaccination is a relatively new technique, in human history, to artificially boost immunity and it has works only for a small handful few viruses. Many viruses have been proven not effectively vaccine-able so far, and those include bird flu, HIV. 

3. Under-informed policy makers put themselves in the illusion that all virus could be tackled by vaccination techniques (and hence, may be offering potentially false hope).

4. During the pursuance of non-warranted vaccines, out of unnecessary fear due to under-education, policy makers may also twists the justification to approve vaccines which are not clinically tested and studied enough to prove safety and long term efficacy. (compared to E.bola vaccine which took over 5years to be developed, HIV vaccines R&D took close to 40years, but to no avail)
5. Already reports are showing vaccines of Covid19 are causing side effects and death, on top of some serious side effects: (search: covid19 vaccine death)

It's much more straight forward to boost immunity via our day-to-day food and herbal remedies.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Take either of:

.ginger mint tea
.ginger lemongrass tea 
.barley water
.roselle tea

daily, to help cleansing of bowel fully. 

A clean bowel will spare energy to boost immune system, especially for the respiratory system.

2. Do intermittent fasting. Suggest taking breakfast at 9am, dinner before 5pm. 

If 5pm dinner is not possible, skip dinner or have only vegetables (no staple) for any dinner after 5pm. 

Do this two days weekly, eg on a weekend.

3. For the next 30days, go fully vegan, plant based diet, without meat, egg, milk, seafood.  

This will remove impurities from our blood, in turn boosting our immunity.

4. Follow G.R.O.W. diet principles daily:

.Grains, pre-soaked overnight eg brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, barley

.Roots vegetables eg carrot, sweet potato, huai-shan, white radish, beetroot

. Organic, for higher life force

. Wholesome food (avoid refined, polished foods), for better nourishment and life force

5. Do Yoga QiGong, Breathing Exercise or Hand-swinging Exercise, 20min daily to activate the lympathic system.

Skepticism may be there about how effectively the above natural remedies may work, but at least they link to no side effects and death. 

If one does insist to ignore herbal medicine 
that helped mankind to weave through zillions of pandemics 
prior to vaccination era, 
how much premium would one bet 
on a half-baked vaccine for Covid19?  

Next we will discuss how dangerous Covid19 truly is,
compared to others viral diseases. 

All by good will,
Kee Yew 

Disclaimer: this article is meant for mere critical and impartial analysis of our current situation to stimulate thoughts. It is not meant for invalidating current practices mandated by policy makers to fight for Covid19. We should be obedient civilians but also be informed civilians, so that we know how to cushion ourselves from side effects of such practices, lawfully. 

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Conscious Farming in Practice

Last weekend was a memorable one
Proud gardeners
with their compost pile
for it was the first time 
I put my Biodynamic Farming knowledge into practice.

I was lucky to be guided by
another amazing Holistic Living leader 
to kick start my very first compost making 
at my farm at Tampin, Melaka

Betty who has been immersing in 
conscious farming and eating for about two decades
invigorated me by helping to gather a few green-living friends
to help me do a medium scale composting.

To me, this is very significant milestone in my life,
because Betty brought into my farm, 
unconditional love and good wills!

On a cooling and cloudy morning, last Sunday.
Betty, her friends and mine too, totaling 6 of us,
spent about 1.5hours to gather from all corners of the farm, 
the followings:
. branches
. dried leaves and hays (from cut grass last week)
. fresh greens weedy leaves and overgrown banana trees

After that we took a long lunch break,
Vegan Potluck
with new friends from Aenon 
having pot luck gathering at my residence,
with some new friends and conscious souls, 

I see their good will 
rejoicing in my green-living path... 
it's really touching!

After lunch, we continue our work at the farm,
making "compost sandwich" 
by making multiple layers of the following materials 
in sequence of bottom to top :

At the bottom most layer,
we laid out branches spanning an are of 
5ft x 4ft

On top of these branches, we repetitively
pile up, from bottom to top :
1. dried leaves
2, fresh green leaves
3. aged cow dung (Cow Pit Pat)
4. kitchen garbage
5. water
6. ashes from Agnihotra 
7. thin layer of soil


We tried our very best 
to follow Biodynamic composting protocol, 
but due to some extent of resource limitation, 
we missed out a few "ingredients" 
(e.g. fresh cow dung, stone powder, chalk powder etc)
to make this a genuine Biodynamic compost.
Having said so,
this is still a good baby step to begin with!

We did the compost piling just under a sick mango tree.
If the composting is successful, 
it will help remediate the soil 
and "medicate" the mango tree ^^

So, in months to come,
we shall know if the semi-Biodynamic compost is successful
by checking on the vibrancy of the mango tree and
hopefully we will reap a few big fat mangoes
when the tree heals :D

According to my Biodynamic teacher, Mr Teoh,
human beings have been asking for so much from mother Earth.
Making compost is merely a basic gesture of gratitude, 
contributing back and nourishing our mother Earth.

Making compost is labour intensive 
and requires a lot of patience.
Bearing the thought of thanking mother Earth 
for giving us good foods, 
humbles us down
to happily engage in the hard work of composting :)

May all Earthlings be blessed,
Kee Yew


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Sunday, July 5, 2020

On the Path of Biodynamic Transformation

The Covid-19 saga
Prepping Biodynamic Fertiliser
has ploughed the whole world into chaos,
creating a lot misfortunes 
as well as new opportunities.

Like many others, 
I too have experienced significant impact 
in my career and life path.

One of the remarkable opportunities
this pandemic has brought about,
is something I receive with open arm.

Looking under the positive lights, 
I have actually been guided by the universe 
to take on a new lifepath
which I have been deferring for along time
-- Biodynamic Farming

About 2 weeks after Malaysia has restored domestic traveling
I got a WhatsApp message advertising for 
Biodynamic Farming workshop

Without any hesitation,
I enrolled.

From then on, 
a lot of amazing arrangement by the universe happened:

*I first met some 20 enlightened souls at the workshop
who aspires to plough up good crops 
for themselves, family and the community.

*Then, I got to know two biodynamic farming class mates, 
Oon Han and Sin Choy 
who are converting their 5-12 acres lands 
into environmental farmlands at/nearby Tampin.

*When I finished the workshop at Kulai, Johor,
I went pick up a highly-respected holistic living author, Betty Khoo 
at JB and escort her back to Kuala Lumpur.

*On the way back, we dropped by at my Tampin farmland
and she introduced to me 
another young permaculture farmer, Thomas Lim at Tampin.

*One week later which is just yesterday,
I participated another Biodynamic Farming event,
to make large scale Biodynamic fertilisers (named CPP)
at two organic farms @ Durian Tunggal, Melaka
just 25-35min away from my Tampin farmland. 

Suddenly, in just 10 days, 
my life is exploded with intensive amount of 
biodynamic farming opportunities and resources!! 

What's even more fortunate is that
I hosted my Biodynamic Farming teacher, Mr Teoh
to stay overnight at my residence at Tampin 
and he gave me whole lot of precious advices
in managing my farmland.

What's more more exciting,
according to my teacher, 
he will soon be based in Durian Tunggal (25min fr my farm)
to set up a Biodynamic Farming Vocational School 
just 23km from my house!!!  

The message from the universe 
simply can't be clearer:
Biodynamic Farming will be the new path I am baptizing myself into.

In near future, 
there will be a Biodynamic School, 
and a bunch of like-minded farmers around my area in Tampin 😀

--I nearly forgot to mention, 
there is also this environmental-minded holistic wellness establishment, 
Aenon Health Care, within 6km reach. 
They do small scale pesticide free farming too!

The sphere of environmental farming in Tampin 
is seriously nurturing, very dynamically!!

May all these blessings be aligned to higher level of humanity,
Kee Yew

#Biodynamic Tampin

Friday, November 8, 2019

Now, Vegan Education is in the Air 空中学习素食

The Veg School has always intended
AiFM being the catalyst
of The Veg School's
free public education platform
to do broad base public education on veganism. In earlier days, suggestion was that The Veg School may deploy YouTube, WeChat platforms to perform easy-to-access education online.

But for some reasons, be it technical or practical, those proposals never realised along my 14years of teachings.

Very grateful now, that this dream to do free and broad base education slowly precipitate, from 2017 onwards. That was when Malaysian AiFM DJ Min-Ming, started to invite myself intermittently, for sharing sessions on air.
很感恩现在这个免费公众素食教育的梦想逐渐实现,承蒙马来西亚AiFM DJ 敏明自2017年以来多次邀请到电台分享素食健康与营养。

As of Nov 2019, there are altogether 12 episodes of vegan education (Mandarin) on AiFM, and the collection is expected to expand in 2020.

These Mandarin sharing sessions are archived in this link now, and will be updated intermittently too:

May this good will be spreaded and bless more people, helping them to adopt vegan lifestyle more confidently 🙏🏼

Well regards ,
Kee Yew

祝 福慧增长


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「素食养生 之 糖尿病的预防」

「素食养生 - 高血压的预防」




Part 1













Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Fermenting Goodness of Tempeh

Mdm Chan and Sensei Kurina
with home-made Organic Tempeh
This July, my Macrobiotic culinary teacher,
Mdm Kurina Yonezawa
is on a teaching visit to Kuala Lumpur.

She has come to teach a series of interesting veganic cooking workshops, including a Fermentation Workshop

One of the most impressive episode during Sensei Kurina's visit
is that, she wanted the students
to seek out for traditional cultured foods in the region we live in.

My homework was to study
how tempeh is made and where to get reliable quality tempeh *.*

I had a tempeh addicted friend, Mr Koo Wee Leng
who highly recommended me to visit
February 18 Cafe at Taman Gembira Kuala Lumpur,
where they sell really delicious home-made tempeh.
These tempeh as I tasted later, are totally different from
those sold in supermarket.
Their tempeh is chunky, firm and
fragrant without any ammonia smell, even eaten raw!

There, Mdm Kurina and I , interviewed the lady boss, Mdm Chan on
how they make the tempeh, with much passion and care.

After the interview,
I verified my notes with Mdm Chan to confirm
that I recorded the right procedure.

This tempeh making SOP which is now successfully developed,
after 6 years of dedicated trial-and-error efforts, is really precious.

Therefore with permission from Mdm Chan,
I feel I should perpetuate her effort, having the SOP recorded in text
and to educate a broader public on how to make good real nourishment :)

Thanks again to Mdm Chan of February 18 Cafe for this!.

-- Save in Evernote: --

Tempeh Fermentation Procedure
by Mdm Chan 
February 18 Cafe / 二月食吧
No.42, GF Jalan Lazat 2, Taman Gembira, 58200 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  1. Select only good condition organic soy bean
  2. Dehull and split the selected soy beans (with machine) or skip this step.
  3. Select good soy beans again or skip this step if machine is not available.
  4. Boil soy beans in water for 30min, scoop away the scum
  5. Soak soy beans in fresh filtered water for 24hours
  6. Dehull and split the beans into halves and remove the "bud" (germ structure), if Step 2 is not achievable.
  7. Boil in fresh filtered water again for 15min
  8. Drain and drip dry and let cool down completely
  9. Add in "Ragi Tempe" (inoculant) 3g (sieved) for every 1kg soy beans and mix evenly
  10. Wrap 100g beans in prewashed and air-dried banana leaf (20cmx20cm, with 1cm slits every 2cm spacing), exerting moderate strength to firm up the wrapping
  11. Attach another 10cm X 8cm banana leaves (with slits) to the single layer side and wrap in paper
  12. Let ferment in room temperature in airy space (best stood up) for 36hours
  13. At the 36th hour: eat fresh/cooked or keep in fridge for 1-2 weeks or freeze up for multiple months of storage.

Handsomely packed Tempeh
Chunky, Firm and Fragrant Tempeh

Sharing selflessly about Tempeh

Wrapping up inoculated Tempeh
Maturing Tempeh
The Slits on Banana Leaves
for fungus to breath

Joyously fermenting goodness :D
Kee Yew

#Tempeh #February18Cafe
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Probiotics a hoax or a bless? 益生菌是祸是福?(4)

Probiotics have to work hand in hand
with fermented foods
Presuming we have gotten the best probiotics in town,
how should we consume them to get the best results?

Here are some simple pointers:

(1) Probiotics are very afraid of fatty foods

-- so it's best to consume them separately from fatty meal/snacks

(2) Probiotics need to be fed with prebiotics

-- prebiotics are soluble fibres that probiotics survive on

-- so it's best to consume probiotics along with prebiotics
such as inulin, soft fruits, juices, soluble fibre drinks etc

-- personally I recommend taking 3-5pm which is a good time for fruit/juice snack

(3) Probiotics do not survive well with junk foods

-- so in order to promote survival of probiotics,
it's best to stop taking junk foods
(eg. highly processed, refined, adulterated products , alcohol or fast foods)

(4) Probiotics need time to establish in the gut

-- generally probiotics need about 3-6months
before florishing in the gut to offer benefits

-- it's advisable to consume probiotics for minimum 3months
on daily basis, to worth the money

-- patience needed

(5) Probiotics will be self sustaining after establishing in the gut

-- so, there is no need to consume Probiotics daily after 6month
when they have already established well in the gut

-- but Probiotics may be compromised
if we are not careful with our diet (eg occasional junk food);
so it's not a bad idea to have "booster shots",
say consuming Probiotics once a week for long term maintenance

(6) Probiotics can be beneficial eaten either dead and alive

-- in contrary to general belief that
Probiotics has to be alive to offer health benefits,
Probiotics (and friendly bacteria) could be taken when killed and
we could still fetch some benefits from the legacy of the dead bodies

-- studies shown that lysates of probiotics could feed the gut bacteria
and help good gut bacteria to flourish

-- while we would not deliberately cook expensive Probiotics to eat,
this information is useful in culinary settings where
some fermented foods have to be served hot.

(7) Probiotics can be used for quality control purpose in fermentation

-- fermentation needs skill and experiences
to ensure that good bacteria in fermented foods
surpasses the growth of unwanted/bad bacteria

-- a convenient and reliable way is
to use Probiotics as starter for fermented foods,
to give a good head start

--this way, good bacteria in home made fermented foods
are always warranted
(try this home made vegan yoghurt recipe
using clinically proven Probiotics as starter)

(8) Probiotics need to be accompanied
with friendly bacteria to confer benefits

-- despite the paramount role of Probiotics
in steering the gut bacteria in the right direction,
friendly bacteria are also important in maintaining the health of the gut

-- it's important to take, on top of Probiotics,
friendly bacteria-rich fermented foods
such as Rejuvelac, Miso, Sauerkraut, Tempeh.

-- both Probiotics (clinically tested) and
friendly bacteria (non-clinically tested, from fermented foods)
are required together for gut health maintenance.

-- it's futile to take solely Probiotics or solely fermented food,
in the hope of gut health improvement

-- Probiotics are likened to the supervisors/managers and
fermented foods' friendly bacteria are likened to factory workers.
Both are needed for a productive factory.

In summary, in personal opinion,
Take Probiotics 3-5pm daily for the first 3-6 months,
along with prebiotics and fermented foods (friendly bacteria),
avoiding junk food.
After that, take Probiotics once a week.

This series of blog posts on Probiotics has come to the end.
Hope readers have enjoyed it all along
and reaped some benefits from the reading :)
希望读者喜欢,并从中受益 :)

Toast to good gut health!
Kee Yew 其銚

**click here for Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 按这里**

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